Four easy meal – with a bonus shake.

When the temperature hits the maximum or we just super tired but really have to eat something (especially if it is about your bloodsugar), a quick but tummy- filler meal is a double win.
I have 4 super easy and delicious meal what can be good for lunch or dinner, depends on what side dish you have.


Zuchinni pasta

Just grab a good spiralizer and then you can make all the wonderful veggie pastas. Even the kids won’t notice just call it ‘green’ or ‘orange’ pasta (depends on what veggie you make the pasta from).
If you have it for lunch you can mix your original pasta – following your diet but the lowest calories- with zucchini pasta then you will have a lighter yet tummy filler dish and you won’t be hungry at least for 2 hours. For dinner i recommend only the zucchini but if you eat well whole day you won’t  carving for all the ‘hard’ CH-s. This time i had it with fried ham and garlic, i promise you will like it.


Florence peas

I learnt this recipe looong time ago from a favorite italian cookbook. The truth is that if i could, i would eat a big bowl of peas because i love it so much.
The base recipe is super easy: cut the garlic, run it on a little olive oil, then put some prasley and cutted ham as well. It takes only 1-2 minutes. Put the peas onto garlic-prasley-ham trio and cook another 3 minutes. You wouldn’t overcook it just to be soft and crispy.
Beause i always love to add more, i usually add some cutted tomatoes and instead of ham i add cheese like mozarella. If i eat it for lunch i would add some cooked red quinoa, it is so rich that i almost forget to have my afternoon snack.


Kale and cauliflower

If you have some leftover chicken here is an idea what to do with it. I cooked chicken paprikas for my boys and they eat it with pasta. But i wouldn’t eat too much pasta, especially not for dinner. So after some ‘garlic running on the olive oil’ i put the cutted kale and cauliflower and cooked about 10 minutes until it became soft. I just added the chicken which had a good sauce originally so i could made an -oh so wonderful dish- i just couldn’t stop to eat. I recommend it for dinner.

Beans and sage

You know that every veggie has its pair when we talk about herbs. Beans and sage are one of them.
I so love this dish, the only problem that it needs bread so it is only ‘good’ for dinner. But i don’t care it.
So, as i always start, cutted garlic onto olive oil and then sage leaves for about 1-2 minutes. Then i put the beans (already cooked or being ready from can) for another 2-3 minutes. And taadaaam you can eat it. And try not to eat whole can of bean ;–)


Bonus: my skinny chocolate shake

My afternoon snack is 99% is a fruit based smoothie because i just cannot eat that much fruit in one sitting and that fruit by itself  won’t last more than an hour. I mean i will be hungry soon. But sometimes i am carving for something sweet. And it is a bit harder when you are on the way to lose weight. So i made this recipe which is delicious and good for my diet. And healthy.
In 3dl (about one cup) almond milk i put 1 teaspoon of vanille sweetener ( i use eritrit-stevia mix), 2 teaspoon of psyllium husk flour, 2 teaspoon of carob powder and optional one teaspoon of sugarfree peanut butter. Mix it, wait for 5 minutes and you will have a thick-chocolates-amazing chocolate shake.



We love traveling: Provence and all the lavender fields

We went to South-France again, just because to see the lavender fields. Because it has a special season which is – so the best to go – the end of June, beginning of July, we chose the first weekend of July to go. As long as we still have school in whole July, we could spend just a long weekend there and tried to see as many things as we can – especialy with kids. However i can say, our boys became a very good traveler if you know what i mean when i say 10-12 hours in the car.

So, when we talk about Provence, and lavender fields, everybody say ‘uh’ and ‘ah’ and what a pretty place and want to go there, etc etc. Guys, Provence and the lavender fields are REALLY that beautiful and amazing what everybody expecting about. Why do i say this? Because there are other places, what people are dreamig about but in real life they are realy  not that dreamy. You know, just a good photographer with the right angle and lights (i would name this place only in private message). So houses on the countryside with all their light brown, rockyy, grey wall color and all the pastel shutters, the simple lines and forms,  were our faveourite. We collected so many ideas in our head to our future home (our future house will be kind of multicultural, haha, as we have ideas from every place we have been to).

We stayed in an Airbnb in Banon, and have been in Annecy, Aix-en-Provence, Cassis. Actually our only full day was Saturday, but it was enough again, that for example we finally have found the perfect town in South-France, along the sea, which is perfect with kids: Cassis! We definitely will try to go back there next summer for a whole week, it is calm but not boring, it has a good beach and even a big and very cool playground! Eating, sleeping, beaching, playing, and repeat: thats what we will do there.

So, lets get started!



We love traveling: South-Germany and Austria

We spent just 2 days at this area, but have experienced and saw so many things, that both my husband and me said, it felt we were away for a whole week!
For example, all of us went to the top of the mountain in a cable car. It was such a wonderful experience to see snow, and feel the strong sunshine at the same time.
Lakes, mountaines, flower fields are what we never get tired of!

Enjoy our memories!

5 exciting – non usual – lemonade variations for the hot summa’

Hey, we got real summer hottnes for two days and i cannot stop to make all the soft drinks for ourselves.
I show you 5 variations what includes non – usual pairs, and maybe you wouldn’t figure out, by your own.

But believe me, even they sounds weird, they are really really delicious. So lets see:


1. The classical
Life gave you lemons? No problem! :-) Ok this is a well – known lemonade: mint, fresh slice of lemons, sugar (or sweetener, we use erythritol-stevia mix). But it is a must. (And i am telling secretly, that if you change lemons into lime and pour some rum too, it will be a wonderful mojito. But don’t forget the mint!)


2. Peach and rosmary
Maybe you think first, that ‘hey, i love a good meal of rosemary chicken with grilled peaches’. But it won’t taste like that because it will be a citrus-y drink with some spicy back-flavour. Make a lemonade base (lemon juice, sugar/sweetener into the cold water) and put some peaches and a little rosemary branch. Dried rosemary spice won’t work.


3. Rasberry and basil
Like with peach-rosemary duo this will be a nice soft drink, too, the basil is just a good extra which highlight the rasberry flavour. You need to make a lemonade base and then put some rasberry and some basil leaf.

4. Rose and mint
I was so sceptic. ‘Cause you know, rose…. reminds me of soap and cologne…it has a strong smelling. But this lemonade is so tasty!! Only be careful and  use only roses which was not been sprayed. Make a lemonade base and put some rose petals and mint leaves. Taste it every half hou if it is ready to your favor.


5. Lavender
I was so afraid to taste anything which had lavender flavour that it took years. This was my first lavender flavour ‘something’ and since then i am eating anything with lavender flavour. I think the secret is, like with roses, that you have to taste it every half hour. So make a lemonade base and put some lavender flowers without leaves. And hey, it really got that light greyish purple-ish color. I love it!

Try one of these or try all don’t miss them! :-)

Refashion- summer dress from a long man t-shirt (coffee brown with blue beads)

This was a loooong project. I mean to write this post. I made this dress in about 3-5 days, because i had only 1-2 hours a day for sewing and finishing the whole procedure.
I love refashion because it is so exciting to make something unique and quite cheap with a simple way. Also, most of the time i refashion because i need something i cannot find or if i find something but think it is too pricey (even if i could afford it). Ok ok, it is easy for me as i can sew..

So lets start the story! I purchased 2 long man t-shirt which is originally – sorry for who wear it- awful! Really, these long t-shirts on men just look as they put on a woman’s dress. Not boy-ish.
I bought a size S and a size XL because i thought, the S will be fit on my upper body but won’t be enough long so i can use some fabric from the XL. But hey, Even the man- S was a little big but totally was enough long. So this time I just used the S sized (and already started to make something from the XL ;–) ).
It looked like this, on me:


I made a bigger neckline, a shorter sleeve, put a breast seam, cut the back for a fancy detail and put ‘built in belt’.
I made you a drawing for easier imagine, both front and back side.



After the sewing was ready i dyed my dress into a nice coffee brown. I recommend liquid painting pour into water instead of powder, for a bigger piece like that. I dyed also the belt, as long as it was white too.
The very last steps were put the blue beads and iron the whole dress especially the edges.

And now the dress en vivo.

And a before after as well, because it is always so fun.


We love traveling: Netherlands II. – Amsterdam

We had a short trip to the Netherlands from Friday to Monday. We travelled by car to be able to see as many things as places, as we could. We had exact plan (Amsterdam, Keukenhof and find a flower field) the others we were improvising. The whole long weekend we were so blessed, it was sunny, not warm but not cold and only once it was raining but during the night. We stayed in a cute Airbnb in a little town, calles Schoorl. Oh we loved it so much!

After the flowers there is Amsterdam.
First impression: WOW. And another WOW. So impressive, so caracteristic, so stylish, so intensive, so cool! Amsterdam is a ‘big thing’ if you have never been there, for that, if you have been there, for it. I have never been to New York but saw lot of movies and my first thought was that like i am walking in one of the movies which was played in New York or around that place! Well we know, the dutch made their place in New York and around so it is not a suprise. I was amazed that every.single.door was different, every.single.door was unique and even the ‘ugly’ doors were beautiful, too. #ihavethisthingswithdoors
I like it in the whole country that 90% of the  houses and buildings are made with brick. Natural, black, white, dark blue, dark green and dark red what we saw the most. (love it love it love it!!!)
So it was, what we expected and couldn’t spend too much time, so there would be other parts we would see.
We liked it so much, but agreed with my husband and with my grandma (she was with us), that this city is for singles, couples so WITHOUT children. It was too crowed and rushed and as a mountain-forest family it helped us to say goodby without the feelings: if we were so lucky to live here.

We rent: refreshing the kitchen on a budget

So we rent a beautiful home now, however so typical that what is beautiful outside can be bad inside. This building has a lot of architect problems which are shouldn’t exist in a 12 years old building…

We can hear/read in lot of articals that kitchen is oh-so -important part of a home. It is double true for a woman, like me, who really has to spend a lot of time in the kitchen (hello food allergies and healthy lifestyle). Because we rent, and however we planned to live there for 4 yrs (now we are waiting in every minute when can we move from here, after 1 yr :-P ) we didn’t want to spend too much money or buy just as much thing as possible what we can bring with ourselves.

It looked like this when we moved in:
P5261958_blog I like this grey but it was too much.Though there is that big glass door  it was quite dark. We are a big fan of anti-upper cabinets (we didn’t have upper cabinets in our previous kitchen either) so we are a fan of shelves, because we don’t have 5000 sets of this and that, only what we use regurarly. For family and friend gatherings there are extra pieces in boxes in the pantry (now in the pantry cabinet). After we took of the cabinets we realized that it was question of the time when would it falling on our heads because the hanging-system was so old (remember, it is just a 12 years old building…).
The other nightmare was the countertop and the sink. The counter was just simple ugly with that grey color and ‘interesting’ pattern, it seemed to me always if i didn’t clean it enough. The sink was that old, kidney shaped  plastic one, which was sooooo black and don’t know what color it had too, i scracthed, washed, did everything… but it was so tiny as well!.

And what did we change? Put simple wood shelves, kind of the cheapest. Bought the simple laminated white countertop from IKEA, -also one of the cheapest. We bought that farm sink too from IKEA, well it is not cheap but we can bring with ourselves later! Simple led lights under the shelves, and fancy wood boxes what we upgraded with some leather pulls. Oh, leather pulls…  I prefer drawers so much, so where there weren’t drawer we just took of the doors and put those wood boxes to the shelves and the original drawers got leather pulls too.
I won’t use leather pulls in the kitchen again, i always wanted to try it, but now i say it is not too good in kitchen!

So lets see the result:


So much better for a shorter time, right? :-)

Three new dresses- Three new looks

I am a fun of redesigning cloths. Ok, i am blessed that i can sew and that i have lots of ideas. Always. (sometimes the too much idea is not a blessing :-P )
So what is the point? I see a dress, a (t-)shirt, anything, and it is too expensive what i cannot afford or it is too expensive that i would not pay even if i can!
The other part of the story is that i am a dress or long t-shirt or tunic wearing woman all.year.long. Light material, knitted ones, with leggings or without leggings i am a lover of these pieces because i really hate trousers or so but also i don’t want to look as someone who just have come from yoga or get out of the bed.
So first, i have this light blue denim dotted shirt what i wanted so long. Someday i met with that light denim shirt, i loved the material, the longness everything, and all i needed is making dotts with fabric paint and with a pencil who has flat rubber ending.
The brown shirt with lace was just a love at first sight. I mean without lace. I did not try it and at home i just realized it is too short to wear it with leggings. You know, leggings are not trousers, so it is better if you cover your butt if you wear leggings :D… So i thought a light brown lace will be just fine.
And last, but not least here is that striped dress what i love so much! I wear it with leggings as well and i love how comfy and soft it is. Once, i have seen a photo of a striped dress with lace around the neck and i was in love. I was looking for the perfect dress base, which is look like this and also the price is as much as i want to pay! So i spent a few hours to sew the lace on, by hand, and i sew every little part of the lace onto the dress, so it is total washmachine friendly.

Lets see in pictures what have i done :-) Enjoy!

We love traveling: Netherlands – Keukenhof and flower fields.

We had a short trip to the Netherlands from Friday to Monday. We travelled by car to be able to see as many things as places, as we could. We had exact plan (Amsterdam, Keukenhof and find a flower field) the others we were improvising. The whole long weekend we were so blessed, it was sunny, not warm but not cold and only once it was raining but during the night. We stayed in a cute Airbnb in a little town, calles Schoorl. Oh we loved it so much!

Flowers. Lot os flowers. Flowers and gardening are my natural xanax so you can guess that we were ‘oh’ and ‘ah’-ing between these beauties.
Keukenhof is an exact place and we didn’t regreet to go there. Even that a LOT of people were there when we entered into the park and started to walking the people dissappeared. Ok well they didn’ but it was a huge place so we couldn’t notice the crowd.
So many colors and that fragrance! Green, green everywhere! We were at the best time, most of the tulips were closed yet but the other were blooming in their glory.
The flower field we found on our way to Amsterdam. Schoorl is about 90minutes far and it was Sunday and we were looking for an early opened gast station when we drived next to that flower field. These are hyacinths and daffodils.
But, just lets see the photos.