Our Big 4 Dreams – Dream #1

First of all, if you wonder why i post the same photo all the time, just see it better ;-) They are looked so good with the twinkle light, i just couldn’t decide.
So i baked a cake to celebrate. No, no birthday. No early Christmas either. Something more special. For us!

Really don’t know how to start our story. Maybe i start with the title, what does ‘our big 4 dreams’ mean?
After we decided, that we want to move back to our country – so we changed our mind to start new life abroad – we set 4 big dreams we really want to have or reach in the near future. Before i tell you the Dream #1, i have to mention, that these dreams connect to each other, cannot exist one without another and other interesting fact the these dreams have to ‘happen’ in this order, so first dream #1, and then dream #2, etc.


So we set a perfect plan, that my husband will find a perfect job abroad, he would get enough money that we will easily renovate a house and save money to our other plans. We had another plan, that all that miracle would happen until the end of summer. First of all that our son wouldn’t have to go that school where he goes now, because i had bad feelings about and wasn’t friendly a bit.
But summer went and school time came and i was so upset i really cannot describe. Actually the whole summer was full of pain and crying and being upset, frequently asked the question that ‘but doesn’t God see we need change and that would be the perfect for us how we imagined? He really couldn’t make complaint about our plan’.


I clearly remember the moment when i decided to stop that behaving. I calmed down and asked for peace in myself. And peace came. And i think the real faith came with it too. To believe that there might be things/situations/places/opportunities what waiting for us but we don’t know about them already. That God sees the future what we couldn’t. After it was really easy to go through all the hard situations without making complaint. Things became worst and worst in the school and however i wanted to give something hope to my son, for example when will we move finally, i couldn’t say anything exactly just hug him.

One day in October a ‘Head Hunter’ Company wrote a message to my husband through Linked In that there would be a job, if he interested in, message her back. We were like pfff ok lets try but we sure that the company wouldn’ offer that much salary, what we would go home earlier, giving up that actual job what my husband is in. The first interview was quite soon and you won’t believe, but telling all the details of the job, she told the salary, and it was 1.5x more what we could imagine! :-O. It is totally the ‘no way’, ‘it is miracle’ category.

Then another hard time came, because we knew that the latest time, in April we will go back to our country, and the job what would my husband have there, is nonsense. We literally would be poor (to understand better, my husband is a diplomat here and by next Spring his post will expire).
But the company didn’t call my husband. And after a hard weekend they did and asked him to travel home for an interview. And another month(!) passed and we still didn’t have any answer! I will be honest, i really started to lose my mind however i learnt from the previous situation that i have to trust in Him!!!!


1.5 weeks ago the company called my husband, that ufortunatelly that position he (my husband) applied for, won’t be good for him. But they liked him so much that want offer another position in the company! (what??) and they will call him soon with the offer.
Who is that person who wouldn’t feel special after these words? Offer another position just because i am super good in their eyes? Oh my!
of course we were ready, that the salary won’t be that good, because it is a ‘lower’ position then the original one, but still better what salary my husband would have after going back home.

Exactly 2 days ago, that the director called my husband. He offered that job and you wouldn’t believe, the salary is almost the same!
Yay! We go home very soon! Our dream have started to come true! We won’t be poor! There would be always better future waiting for us than what we have imagined! Impossible is nothing for God! Really someone poke me i cannot believe it is alllll true! <3
So we ate this cake to celebrate the first day of our new life. And we are just so so thankful. And i am just so so proud of my husband!

Quick and pretty advent candle décor

I think it is maximum 20 minutes with all together. Maybe less if you don’t have to glue. Maybe less if you choose one of my older ideas.

So first, just let’s ask the common question, that how is it Advent again? Don’t get me wrong, i am IN LOVE with this season. It is just that i clearly remember that everybody was crying over take off the decoration and now we put back?!
Ok, now that nobody has the answer we should go forward to that said candles. I mean the décor because the candles are the part of it.

The last couple of years i make simpler and simpler advent ‘wreath’ décors. It is funny that it’s still called ‘wreath’ if is about advent candles, even if we don’t put candles onto a wreath.

Anyway. I didn’t become lazy, i’ve  just become simpler. Not just in decoration, in everything. Name it getting older. I still get a shower everyday, wear clean clothes etc and care about my looking or the looking of our home (it is my job ha!), i love detailes! But i love these and do these some kind of different way. It makes me more exiting to make something so simple but ‘wow’.  And i love to use more and more natural stuff.

So  on a -i think the last- wonderful colorful Saturday we took a walk in the nearby forest -to enjoy the scene and weather of course- and to look for this and that for decoration. Thats how i came back with a basket full of moss and cute little cones. I was that lucky that i found a special looking moss – maybe what i have seen in plant nursery as a succulent?! – and i found really really little cones. Winwin!

So as you will see my older ideas at the end of my post, i followed my tradition which means:
– some box or tray
-4 simple white candles
-some green
-some other simple accesories to decorate with

and you will need some sand or little rocks if you use thin and tall candles and some glue maybe.

When we moved here abroad we could bring very little amount of things. Of course i had to declutter the most of decorations and accesories. I wanted to something other that a tray so thats why i chose this wood box which is actually an old drawer of an old sewing machine-table. (like Singer brand).

I didn’ have a proper thin-tall candle holder so i had to use a glass tea candle holder with glue and little rocks to make it unmovable. And moss and cones for decoration. Thats all!

So first i fixed my candles’ bottom to empty tea candle cans and that is what i put into the glass tea candle holder. I needed this double step, because i didn’t want to glue the candles right onto the glass tea candle holder.


After i put the little rocks to fix it – i had these rocks from my flower pots.

I put the moss, not the whole in one time but taking pieces of them and arranging around the candles to make it to look nice and hide the rocks. Then jsut placed the cones. No glue or anything is needed, just push a bit harder and it will find a little place to stay in the moss.



It was easy right?



I need to just spray softly the moss with clear water like once a week.

And here are my older ideas which are the same simple and quick method.

Not real moss with grey beads.


Not real moss with wood numbers.


A little bit more, but still simple: green branches from bush, little little cones and a grey deer.

As i used the moss, i realized that even a pot bottom would be so good as a tray, for thicker candles. Hmm maybe i will do this next year…


Happy First Advent!

Testing homemade marshmallow recipes

Not just ‘recipes’, because there are thousands of them on the internet (khmm pinterest).
Once a recipe came to my feed which said that ‘marshmallow in a healthier way’, and i just started to search new and new recipes with the key words ‘vegan’ and ‘corn syrup free’.
We cannot eat store bought marshmallows, because even if i found a gluten free version (usually i do), it containes sugar , a lot of sugar, and made by corn starch which also not a friend of our bloodsugar (and actually nobody’s blood sugar). Ha!

Long story short, i hooked on 2 recipes which are so easy but i warn you, the textures are a bit fluffier and softer than the one you can buy in the stores. Also they are not roast-able because they containes more ‘luiquid’ than hard part. They would just melt away (i tried roast, both).
But tastes totally amazing and the same as the store bought. Maybe i would say, putting them to a hot cocoa, these are better because totally is like you would put clouds into your drink. Yumm!

So lets start it!

Recipe #1

The original recipe is from here.

I only have changed the honey and used a Fig syrup, which is not 0 calorie, but its GI is low. So however i have to count with its CH-s, i could only eat 2 or 3 cubes at one time which is actually nothing. If you – or me- would find a syrup, which is made by a natural sweetener with 0 calorie, than you and me could eat as much as we can :-).
This marshmallow’s flavour was so intensive, i really hardly could stop to eat by the countertop.
My other advice is that whisk it quite well, that won’t be any liquid at the bottom because it could make a gelatine ‘line’ under the fluffyness, like it happened to me. But still tasted so good just maybe somebody wouldn’t love the look! :D


Recipe #2

The original recipe is from here.
This recipe worked so well and was that easy and fast, as the previous. It was a bit harder, that hard, that very carefully i could cut circles. After rolling them (very carefully) in eritrit powder-bamboofiber flour mix, it was totally like a store bought marshmallow, but as i said, it is still fluffier and softer. I think next time i would add more powder sugar or a little bamboofiber flour, to make it more ‘harder’.

This is totally zero in every way because the sweetener is 0 calorie (except xillit), it won’t lift the bloog sugar and a healthy way to have that sweeeeeet flavour.



And last but not least how it looks when melting. If you want make quick and healthy marshmallows, try one of them. Or both of them :-)



Trip to Spain, 2016

Finally we went to a place which’s language i speak! It was so so so good to understand everything and having a good talk with some people.

Also, this was our first time that we were traveling during 2 days by car – with a ‘sleep stop’ in an Airbnb – and i have to tell, it was the last time either. Never ever again.

So Spain. This time i really did not want to take a photo every single minute but enjoy the time together. On one hand because it would take a forever time to edit those pics and on the other hand because all the memories and feels are in ourselves and less pic enough to make us remember.  We had much fun with doing nothing at the beach than acting tourists. We went Tarragona but ended up seeing anything after a half hour and went to the beach. We went to Valencia and it was amazing, what we had seen, but also because of the heat, we went to the beach again.
The warmest water was at Valencia. The clearest water was at Valencia. Also at Tarragona you have to walk a lot inside the water to catch the deeper part. One day we went to the mountaines, to Montanejo, to see that popular Hot Spring. We arrived around 10 am when it was basicly empty then until 11 am it became full of people! It is an oh-so-clear-and-cold mountain lake and it was just so beautiful. I had to realize again that for me, sweet waters aka lakes always win againts salty waters aka sea or ocean.

Some advice:
-The souther you go, the cheaper you will find accomodation, especially airbnb-s. For me, the real Spain starts from Valencia. One day i really want to see Sevilla and Andalucía. All the tiles everywhere, cute little streets and that arabian hint what make everything so unique.
-If you have gluten allergy, this is your country. Even on the shelves it is written if something is glutenfree!
– Inform yourself about shop openings because they are opened very rarely :-)

So here are some moody pics of our wonderful trip to Spain:



We rent: Fall vibes in our home, 2016

Fall is here, and we love it. If i was suffering so much about  that winter was so long and spring came so late – where we live now – this climate is an advantage now, as we have real fall in time! I mean chilly weather and all the good stuff.


Actually i only decorate for a season at fall and winter. During spring and summer we enjoy so much being outside and all the beautiful thing is happening outside, even there is no really time for candles for example because it is light early and dark late.

But who can resist all the pumpkins, candles, blankets, puffy-fluffy cushions and so on? Just that much what won’t make empty the house after delete them.

So here are the fall vibes in our home. Happy Fall, Y’all!



I only put out the foxes and owles during fall.


The only way i love orange is in pumpkins and plants.


Refashion- summer dress from a long man t-shirt (green with embroidery)

The story is totally the same as with the other long man t-shirt, so i just copy the begining:

This was a loooooong project. I mean to write this post. I made this dress in about 3-5 days, because i had only 1-2 hours a day for sewing and finishing the whole procedure.
I love refashion because it is so exciting to make something unique and quite cheap with a simple way. Also, most of the time i refashion because i need something i cannot find or if i find something but think it is too pricey (even if i could afford it). Ok ok, it is easy for me as i can sew..

So lets start the story! I purchased 2 long man t-shirt which is originally – sorry for who wear it- awful! Really, these long t-shirts on men just look as they put on a woman’s dress. Not boy-ish.
I bought a size S and a size XL because i thought, the S will be fit on my upper body but won’t be enough long so i can use some fabric from the XL. So for the size XL i grabbed a simple cotton dress of mine and used it as a pattern. Just cut around with letting more fabric at the edge (for sewing).

It looked like this, on me ( a bit bigger):

So after cut ‘the pattern’ and sew it, i made that fancy detail again on the back. This time i used a beautiful ribbon to hold the edges together. And embroidery… well, at the middle i wished i wasn’t started it. Yes it made it so unique but….you know :D.
The color is mine again, i dyed it with using a green and blue to reach the color i wanted.
The butterfly arm is a tricky one too, i cut the original arm and made the shape and style i liked from it. Totally recycled.
My husband said a lot he likes it very much so it worthed to make. But maybe i will sew much easier pieces in the future…


And the photos of the result:


Do you have unsprayed roses?

If you do, i have a few idea, that how can you use it beside put them into the vase. Which is not a bad option by the way.

First i will tell you honestly, that long time ago, i thought, that roses are crappy. I don’t know why, cannot remember :D.
But after we bought our first home with garden and with roses, i fell in love. That much, that i bought other roses. That much, that since, my big dream is to have roses in EVERY.SINGLE.COLOR. Putting them in a row from the white until the darkest rose exists ever.
So, not just we had roses, but had a lof of which had to be cutted during the season, because roses like if we cut them. But after i had roses in every room and gave them as a gift too,  i still had a lot. So started to use them for different things. These are my ideas what i have tried, and loved.
But before you read my words and try anything i must tell, that only use your own roses, or person’s you know who didn’t spray the roses. Don’t use roses from stores and don’t use them if you sprayed your plant during it was blooming. However you wash the roseheads, it won’t be enough.
Always use them fresh, after 1 day it will start to be dried and losts its oil and fragrance (except for tea). So cut, and use inmediatelly.

1. Rosewater

Well i was itching to try new things with my own roses but first time i wasn’t that brave so i decided to start with a simple one.
I was serching recipes and couldn’t believe that making rosewater is that easy. You would grab your rose petals (only the petals) put them into a pan and pour as much water as it is on the petals’ top. Start to heat it and watch after it (don’t leave). As long as it starts to boil, put away from the heat. When it cools down pour into any bottle and put to the fridge. Spray to your face and body, it is just amazing. Or you can use it in cakes, sweets or any meal which requires rosewater.

2. Rose lemonade

This was the second *thing* i tried with roses. I was afraid but you know what? The lemonade was so tasty, just a little bit rose-y just that much that is good. I wrote about it in an earlier post, you will find here the recipe as well.

3. Rose as a cake decoration

The first cake was with full of eatable flowers which i covered with sugar, (sugar icing) and put onto a cake. Always check the flowers you want to eat that it is 100% secure! And how it works? You need water and any powder sugar/sweetener (not liquid, just powder) you would make a thick sugar-water liquid. Before you do anything with the rose (or any flower) petals, it is soft and thick and foldable. You would put the petals into that liquid to make the petals all covered with it. Than put it onto a grid to let the rest of the liquid dripping and let it dry. You will need 2 hands to lift it up and hold with 4 fingers (2-2) with the opposite sites of the petal because as you lift it, it will be folded of the weight, and it is very hard to smooth out after. The drying method will takes at least 2 hours, but more you let the best is. Now be careful: your petals will become very thin and easy breakable but can easily lifted up. And it tastes so good!


4. Rose jam

So if you think you like rose enough that you would it eat in a different way as well, try jam. I don’t think that simple ‘only rose’ jam would be good, because you would need a lot of thickener. But put next to a fruit is a good idea. Like any berries (rasberry, strawberry, cranberry) or apple. Just make a little amount first and only taste it when it is cooled down.

5. Rose tea

If you liked the rose lemonade, actually you will like the tea version too, it has a bit stronger taste. I think there is even difference between cold and hot rose tea, for example i like the cold version. You can buy a lot of types of rose teas but you can easily make yours because what you need beside some dried rosepetals is any kind of leaf tea, just mix it. A very important rule: don’t let the rose tea ‘swimming’ in the water more, than 7 minutes. After it will be soooooo strong tasted that i think nobody would drink it :D.

Of course there is a lot of other recipes what you can use rose petals for. These recipes or ideas are what i have tried, so these are all my experiences.
Let me know if you try any of them. ;-)

There might be millions of roses, but you are my only one, unique rose – The Little Prince


We rent: Our porch – we decorated a bit.

If you follow my on instagram you know that i spend a lot of time on our porch – actually as much as i can with all the mommy-etc tasks. But one things is fix: as far as the weather let me, i start here my day and i finish here as well.
We have a not so big grass area i front of the porch, but we cannot use it, only we have to cut the grass. Before we came here we had a beautiful garden. It was so much work, i had so many flowers, we had a littlemini lake, -my husband made it- with gold fish. So i wanted to bring a little from that garden with plants. The soil here is awful, it is 100% clay. The few plants we could plant the other side is happened that we made a whole, filled with plantsoil and then put the plan. Last summer was a very rare hot summer (means 30-35 celcius degrees) but this summer was cold andy rainy, as usually is here. So all the plants and seeds were suffering, i didnt get what i supposed to.

Lets speak a bit about the furnitures. I had a picture in my mind, what kind of couch i would have to have. Wood and grey – especially collecting so many ideas on pinterest – and i found a totally similar one on some online shop. It was about 300 euros and when my husband saw it he said he could make it. And he did! I am so proud of him. Not to mention, all the material cost only around 100 euros. The cushions are from IKEA exactly for porch furnitures. It is washable which is big help in the middle of autumn when i put the cushions away.
The other furniture, that little desk was a plan in my head too. I did not find it any shops i just tried to explain to my husband. At least he designed it, the top of the table is from pallet only the legs are new. Both the couch and table got a good exterior oil to give them a little darker color and a protection from ‘weather’.
The mint drawer was an ebay found, i mean it was a brown drawer originally and was super cheap. I wanted one mint item along with all the natural color to hold all the garden stuff. It is yet decorating and very usefull-

To talk a bit about the wood fence or wall, well we did not have it last year but we wanted more intimate zone. And where could i put all the lights withouth that fence? :D

We enjoy this porch of ours, it does not susbstitute our previous garden but we do not want to stay forever or so much year.


And the pictures:



Four easy meal – with a bonus shake.

When the temperature hits the maximum or we just super tired but really have to eat something (especially if it is about your bloodsugar), a quick but tummy- filler meal is a double win.
I have 4 super easy and delicious meal what can be good for lunch or dinner, depends on what side dish you have.


Zuchinni pasta

Just grab a good spiralizer and then you can make all the wonderful veggie pastas. Even the kids won’t notice just call it ‘green’ or ‘orange’ pasta (depends on what veggie you make the pasta from).
If you have it for lunch you can mix your original pasta – following your diet but the lowest calories- with zucchini pasta then you will have a lighter yet tummy filler dish and you won’t be hungry at least for 2 hours. For dinner i recommend only the zucchini but if you eat well whole day you won’t  carving for all the ‘hard’ CH-s. This time i had it with fried ham and garlic, i promise you will like it.


Florence peas

I learnt this recipe looong time ago from a favorite italian cookbook. The truth is that if i could, i would eat a big bowl of peas because i love it so much.
The base recipe is super easy: cut the garlic, run it on a little olive oil, then put some prasley and cutted ham as well. It takes only 1-2 minutes. Put the peas onto garlic-prasley-ham trio and cook another 3 minutes. You wouldn’t overcook it just to be soft and crispy.
Beause i always love to add more, i usually add some cutted tomatoes and instead of ham i add cheese like mozarella. If i eat it for lunch i would add some cooked red quinoa, it is so rich that i almost forget to have my afternoon snack.


Kale and cauliflower

If you have some leftover chicken here is an idea what to do with it. I cooked chicken paprikas for my boys and they eat it with pasta. But i wouldn’t eat too much pasta, especially not for dinner. So after some ‘garlic running on the olive oil’ i put the cutted kale and cauliflower and cooked about 10 minutes until it became soft. I just added the chicken which had a good sauce originally so i could made an -oh so wonderful dish- i just couldn’t stop to eat. I recommend it for dinner.

Beans and sage

You know that every veggie has its pair when we talk about herbs. Beans and sage are one of them.
I so love this dish, the only problem that it needs bread so it is only ‘good’ for dinner. But i don’t care it.
So, as i always start, cutted garlic onto olive oil and then sage leaves for about 1-2 minutes. Then i put the beans (already cooked or being ready from can) for another 2-3 minutes. And taadaaam you can eat it. And try not to eat whole can of bean ;–)


Bonus: my skinny chocolate shake

My afternoon snack is 99% is a fruit based smoothie because i just cannot eat that much fruit in one sitting and that fruit by itself  won’t last more than an hour. I mean i will be hungry soon. But sometimes i am carving for something sweet. And it is a bit harder when you are on the way to lose weight. So i made this recipe which is delicious and good for my diet. And healthy.
In 3dl (about one cup) almond milk i put 1 teaspoon of vanille sweetener ( i use eritrit-stevia mix), 2 teaspoon of psyllium husk flour, 2 teaspoon of carob powder and optional one teaspoon of sugarfree peanut butter. Mix it, wait for 5 minutes and you will have a thick-chocolates-amazing chocolate shake.



We love traveling: Provence and all the lavender fields

We went to South-France again, just because to see the lavender fields. Because it has a special season which is – so the best to go – the end of June, beginning of July, we chose the first weekend of July to go. As long as we still have school in whole July, we could spend just a long weekend there and tried to see as many things as we can – especialy with kids. However i can say, our boys became a very good traveler if you know what i mean when i say 10-12 hours in the car.

So, when we talk about Provence, and lavender fields, everybody say ‘uh’ and ‘ah’ and what a pretty place and want to go there, etc etc. Guys, Provence and the lavender fields are REALLY that beautiful and amazing what everybody expecting about. Why do i say this? Because there are other places, what people are dreamig about but in real life they are realy  not that dreamy. You know, just a good photographer with the right angle and lights (i would name this place only in private message). So houses on the countryside with all their light brown, rockyy, grey wall color and all the pastel shutters, the simple lines and forms,  were our faveourite. We collected so many ideas in our head to our future home (our future house will be kind of multicultural, haha, as we have ideas from every place we have been to).

We stayed in an Airbnb in Banon, and have been in Annecy, Aix-en-Provence, Cassis. Actually our only full day was Saturday, but it was enough again, that for example we finally have found the perfect town in South-France, along the sea, which is perfect with kids: Cassis! We definitely will try to go back there next summer for a whole week, it is calm but not boring, it has a good beach and even a big and very cool playground! Eating, sleeping, beaching, playing, and repeat: thats what we will do there.

So, lets get started!