Birthday candle for someone special

There is my friend, we know each other from high school. Live faaar from each other, lived always far from each other after graduating. At the begining she could go home more frequently then her life changed a bit and since we moved from our homecountry either. We both even are not on facebook so we email each other. When we can. Well not because of all that fact i made her a birthday gift and send it through mail but because we both love to send and recieve. I get always something from her too.

I have a few homemade fragranced candle idea in my pinterst board for a while, because i loooove fragranced candles, mainly during fall and winter, and do not buy any kind of candles because of the toxics. I believe that those strong and not natural fragrances are not good for us and i really don’t need them. And not to mention, the real natural fragranced candles are kinda expensive and my candles are sooner done than i could buy another one :-P.

So back to the story, i made vanille candle for her, and because i sooooo do care about the wrapping and packiging i payed attention to it. I painted a vanilla flower for a birthday card and made a personalized box for her present.
It wasn’t too much time or complex, and most of the thing i had in hand. I think i only bought the box base and the wick for the candles.
I chose a theme to be romantic bur pure. The glass is so elegant so the other things had to be simple. Ok maybe the most of the time of the whole procedure was the box wrapping with that brown paper. I wanted to look perfect :-P.
You can find the candle recipe here and all the other things you can do by your taste.

We made gifts for Christmas

Since my older boy was 2 years old, we started a tradition, that he made an ornament with at the ability on his age and gives it to the grandparents. This time the little brother joined him and they did it together :-).

Also, as the children get presents for Christmas (what we and other ones buy them), the adults get something homemade presents from us. Usually it is something gesture- present because we can do it together from the youngest to the oldest.
My husband and me make something homemade as well for the kids. They are something what they really want thanks to the adverts in the tv and or it costs too much we would spend (but we can do) or something we can’t buy in our country.

And what were these presents?
The kids painted on wood slices for the ornaments, I painted to cushion cover for my husband’s brother (he move to his new and first flat), we made orange tea bags (we bought oranges from Sicily through a local store, which were untreated), and we made bonbons.
Our  older son likes Skylanders and everything which connects to it but it is unknow here yet. He knows it from the youtube channels of course :P. So I found a Skylander t-shirt in a second hand shop which has short sleeves and would be small when the weather will be ready for short sleeves and also he had a red pullover with no graphic, so I spent long minutes (app. 2 hours) to cut the Skylanders out and sew it to the pullover.
Our younger son likes houses so much. I have some candle ‘holder’ houses he used to play with, so my husband built 2 houses from wood and I painted them. One has a door as well ;-).



Do you make something home made for Christmas? Or for any occasion?