5 exciting – non usual – lemonade variations for the hot summa’

Hey, we got real summer hottnes for two days and i cannot stop to make all the soft drinks for ourselves.
I show you 5 variations what includes non – usual pairs, and maybe you wouldn’t figure out, by your own.

But believe me, even they sounds weird, they are really really delicious. So lets see:


1. The classical
Life gave you lemons? No problem! :-) Ok this is a well – known lemonade: mint, fresh slice of lemons, sugar (or sweetener, we use erythritol-stevia mix). But it is a must. (And i am telling secretly, that if you change lemons into lime and pour some rum too, it will be a wonderful mojito. But don’t forget the mint!)


2. Peach and rosmary
Maybe you think first, that ‘hey, i love a good meal of rosemary chicken with grilled peaches’. But it won’t taste like that because it will be a citrus-y drink with some spicy back-flavour. Make a lemonade base (lemon juice, sugar/sweetener into the cold water) and put some peaches and a little rosemary branch. Dried rosemary spice won’t work.


3. Rasberry and basil
Like with peach-rosemary duo this will be a nice soft drink, too, the basil is just a good extra which highlight the rasberry flavour. You need to make a lemonade base and then put some rasberry and some basil leaf.

4. Rose and mint
I was so sceptic. ‘Cause you know, rose…. reminds me of soap and cologne…it has a strong smelling. But this lemonade is so tasty!! Only be careful and  use only roses which was not been sprayed. Make a lemonade base and put some rose petals and mint leaves. Taste it every half hou if it is ready to your favor.


5. Lavender
I was so afraid to taste anything which had lavender flavour that it took years. This was my first lavender flavour ‘something’ and since then i am eating anything with lavender flavour. I think the secret is, like with roses, that you have to taste it every half hour. So make a lemonade base and put some lavender flowers without leaves. And hey, it really got that light greyish purple-ish color. I love it!

Try one of these or try all don’t miss them! :-)

We travel: Summer vacation – 2015, Sanremo

Lets see a few pics about the town, where our accommodation was in. I write a single post about hills, about the way we came here, just click. May you have the question, why we chose Sanremo, in Italy? Well, if you have little boys around you the past 5-2 years, you know what I am talking about if I say Cars 1-2 movie. In the 2nd part the italian race was at a beautiful place like rocks, town on the hill until the sea, hill and sea, may I have to say more ? :D My husband said it is around the Sanremo area so we looked for a good priced accommodation and planned the program for the other days. I have to mention, that there is difference Sanremo and San Remo. The last one is just at the opposite side of the country, just right next to Venice and so… other playa. And the other main difference is the landscape as here, in Sanremo and at that coast side it is rocky and high, and tight, and beautiful and breathtaking… of course the other coasts are beautiful, too ( I have been in Venice and Caorle and Bibione)  who what prefer most.

So Sanremo is not so big town but it is full of life, beautiful parts and yes the coast is wonderful, very very children friendly (you will understand later, when I mentioned it again when I talk about Nice). There are lots of hotels you can choose from, both facing to the sea and in the middle of the town. The houses are climbing up on the hills, the more you climb up the more separated houses you find. You can choose of several ‘playas’, the coast is operated by difference facilities, the main difference is only the price and number of the sunbed. (of course we had a favorite) – you cannot lay on the sand with saying that then you enter free.
And it is a big good news that in the whole Italy you can find a lots restaurants, hotels, shops eating gluten free because in Italy there are lots   of people with that problem. Ha. The humor of the life. In the land of pizza and pasta. But just look at our face one of the pictures, how happy we were to have a real good dinner in a RESTAURANT. Gluten free, very kind restaurant (the design was so good). And the leftover was so good next day for breakfast ;-)





Summer days are….

….. definitely the most busy days comparing to the other days of the year…. ToDos, festivals, holidays, inside, outside, memories, fragrances, tastes, seeing, feeling, freedom (like must have not to wear a tons of clothes), emotions…. perfect. Like today, when the temperature just the right. I was laying on our couch outside, my little boy was playing cars on the coffeetable. I was not suffering of hot, I felt satisfied with the view of the garden, what we could reach since we live here (still lot of work though, but I love the way to arrive to the perfect garden). No paing today, we just had finished our popsicles, belly was full until lunch. I felt soooo perfect. I love these days… a little bit I felt already, the fall is coming, and then I always get excited :-)