Nimrod turned 7, and asked for a Lego Mixels Party

Yeah, i start every post about my boys’ birthday (party) that i am crying a river and ask why the time has to be soooooo fast? But all the moms say it, am i right? I am so glad, they have new birthdays each year because it means we have them. But i am that kind of mommy who would go back to the time when they were babies no matter how hard (actually the only hard part is the little sleep time :-P ). Believe me, i know mommies who told me they are so happy with the fact their kids are bigger and it is easier. However they love their children. We are different. I bet it is easier for them, receive the time goes fast facts.

But back to the party, I do not know if you know the Lego Mixels series, my boys LOVE them. In each series there are 3 type of little….how to call, cause they are not monsters, they are just legos :D so 3 little something, what you can built to make a big one and when they build themselves say: MIX!
I have hosted a lot of parties before and what i really learnt is that for kids it is unnecessary to make lots of food because they eat so little. They play a lot. So we just made a fancy decoration base, and of course i made a birthday cake and there were mixels plates and paper straws, paper cups with the number on it (have to tell, Nimród helped me to paint the numbers and put the washitape!!) etcetc but really just few what ‘hit’. Beside the cake we prepared sandwiches that everyone could choose the topper as long the kids were from 5 different nations (and cultures) and there were fruits with almond and they could put some chocolate sauce on it. I put the sign ‘Mix’ as they could mix as they wanted :-)

But about the real day of the birthday and our traditions: this year the real birthday and the party were not on the same day. What we usually do then? Firstly wake up the birthday person with balloons. They so love it, just look at his face! We use these balloons always at the party and the last until they have air in them :-P. I always make a number garland of colorful papers above our dining table. Usually we have it for a month after the birthday. And of course gift time is right after waking up and I make a birthday cake for us, as a family of four to have it after dinner. And my favorite is, that the birthday person gives flower(s) to his/her mother  ’cause without mom there is no birthday ;-).

So here the party through the photos.

Happy Birthday my sweet Boy!


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Gold-White Christmas party and Third Advent Cake

Last weekend we hosted a party for my husband’s colleagues in our home. However I was super excited and had lots of plan wanted to make it simple and as unpriced as it could be.
You know lots of parties are behind me and what I have learned that beside the cake (because cake is a must have in a party for me as long as paper strawes :-P ) only 2 or 3 meal is needed, no more and not much! It would be just lots of work preparing and lots of money of course and than a lots of food stay on the table.
So I chose for theme the color gold white, we made a simple decoration, which was not a big work, most of the ‘ingrediets’ were by hand. We had a super vanilla cake (gluten and dairy free) some cake pop (gf and df as well), little meatballs, a super delicious rich potato salad, star shaped salty crackers, sausage-bacon bites and some vanilla pudding. Oh and a big amount of lemonade in what I put real ginger, apple slices and lime slices. It was so good!

Oh and of course the party cake was our 3rd advent cake at the same time cause next day we had leftover of it and of course I did not have a tiny energy to bake another cake :-P

So here are the photos…