Do you have unsprayed roses?

If you do, i have a few idea, that how can you use it beside put them into the vase. Which is not a bad option by the way.

First i will tell you honestly, that long time ago, i thought, that roses are crappy. I don’t know why, cannot remember :D.
But after we bought our first home with garden and with roses, i fell in love. That much, that i bought other roses. That much, that since, my big dream is to have roses in EVERY.SINGLE.COLOR. Putting them in a row from the white until the darkest rose exists ever.
So, not just we had roses, but had a lof of which had to be cutted during the season, because roses like if we cut them. But after i had roses in every room and gave them as a gift too,  i still had a lot. So started to use them for different things. These are my ideas what i have tried, and loved.
But before you read my words and try anything i must tell, that only use your own roses, or person’s you know who didn’t spray the roses. Don’t use roses from stores and don’t use them if you sprayed your plant during it was blooming. However you wash the roseheads, it won’t be enough.
Always use them fresh, after 1 day it will start to be dried and losts its oil and fragrance (except for tea). So cut, and use inmediatelly.

1. Rosewater

Well i was itching to try new things with my own roses but first time i wasn’t that brave so i decided to start with a simple one.
I was serching recipes and couldn’t believe that making rosewater is that easy. You would grab your rose petals (only the petals) put them into a pan and pour as much water as it is on the petals’ top. Start to heat it and watch after it (don’t leave). As long as it starts to boil, put away from the heat. When it cools down pour into any bottle and put to the fridge. Spray to your face and body, it is just amazing. Or you can use it in cakes, sweets or any meal which requires rosewater.

2. Rose lemonade

This was the second *thing* i tried with roses. I was afraid but you know what? The lemonade was so tasty, just a little bit rose-y just that much that is good. I wrote about it in an earlier post, you will find here the recipe as well.

3. Rose as a cake decoration

The first cake was with full of eatable flowers which i covered with sugar, (sugar icing) and put onto a cake. Always check the flowers you want to eat that it is 100% secure! And how it works? You need water and any powder sugar/sweetener (not liquid, just powder) you would make a thick sugar-water liquid. Before you do anything with the rose (or any flower) petals, it is soft and thick and foldable. You would put the petals into that liquid to make the petals all covered with it. Than put it onto a grid to let the rest of the liquid dripping and let it dry. You will need 2 hands to lift it up and hold with 4 fingers (2-2) with the opposite sites of the petal because as you lift it, it will be folded of the weight, and it is very hard to smooth out after. The drying method will takes at least 2 hours, but more you let the best is. Now be careful: your petals will become very thin and easy breakable but can easily lifted up. And it tastes so good!


4. Rose jam

So if you think you like rose enough that you would it eat in a different way as well, try jam. I don’t think that simple ‘only rose’ jam would be good, because you would need a lot of thickener. But put next to a fruit is a good idea. Like any berries (rasberry, strawberry, cranberry) or apple. Just make a little amount first and only taste it when it is cooled down.

5. Rose tea

If you liked the rose lemonade, actually you will like the tea version too, it has a bit stronger taste. I think there is even difference between cold and hot rose tea, for example i like the cold version. You can buy a lot of types of rose teas but you can easily make yours because what you need beside some dried rosepetals is any kind of leaf tea, just mix it. A very important rule: don’t let the rose tea ‘swimming’ in the water more, than 7 minutes. After it will be soooooo strong tasted that i think nobody would drink it :D.

Of course there is a lot of other recipes what you can use rose petals for. These recipes or ideas are what i have tried, so these are all my experiences.
Let me know if you try any of them. ;-)

There might be millions of roses, but you are my only one, unique rose – The Little Prince


Four easy meal – with a bonus shake.

When the temperature hits the maximum or we just super tired but really have to eat something (especially if it is about your bloodsugar), a quick but tummy- filler meal is a double win.
I have 4 super easy and delicious meal what can be good for lunch or dinner, depends on what side dish you have.


Zuchinni pasta

Just grab a good spiralizer and then you can make all the wonderful veggie pastas. Even the kids won’t notice just call it ‘green’ or ‘orange’ pasta (depends on what veggie you make the pasta from).
If you have it for lunch you can mix your original pasta – following your diet but the lowest calories- with zucchini pasta then you will have a lighter yet tummy filler dish and you won’t be hungry at least for 2 hours. For dinner i recommend only the zucchini but if you eat well whole day you won’t  carving for all the ‘hard’ CH-s. This time i had it with fried ham and garlic, i promise you will like it.


Florence peas

I learnt this recipe looong time ago from a favorite italian cookbook. The truth is that if i could, i would eat a big bowl of peas because i love it so much.
The base recipe is super easy: cut the garlic, run it on a little olive oil, then put some prasley and cutted ham as well. It takes only 1-2 minutes. Put the peas onto garlic-prasley-ham trio and cook another 3 minutes. You wouldn’t overcook it just to be soft and crispy.
Beause i always love to add more, i usually add some cutted tomatoes and instead of ham i add cheese like mozarella. If i eat it for lunch i would add some cooked red quinoa, it is so rich that i almost forget to have my afternoon snack.


Kale and cauliflower

If you have some leftover chicken here is an idea what to do with it. I cooked chicken paprikas for my boys and they eat it with pasta. But i wouldn’t eat too much pasta, especially not for dinner. So after some ‘garlic running on the olive oil’ i put the cutted kale and cauliflower and cooked about 10 minutes until it became soft. I just added the chicken which had a good sauce originally so i could made an -oh so wonderful dish- i just couldn’t stop to eat. I recommend it for dinner.

Beans and sage

You know that every veggie has its pair when we talk about herbs. Beans and sage are one of them.
I so love this dish, the only problem that it needs bread so it is only ‘good’ for dinner. But i don’t care it.
So, as i always start, cutted garlic onto olive oil and then sage leaves for about 1-2 minutes. Then i put the beans (already cooked or being ready from can) for another 2-3 minutes. And taadaaam you can eat it. And try not to eat whole can of bean ;–)


Bonus: my skinny chocolate shake

My afternoon snack is 99% is a fruit based smoothie because i just cannot eat that much fruit in one sitting and that fruit by itself  won’t last more than an hour. I mean i will be hungry soon. But sometimes i am carving for something sweet. And it is a bit harder when you are on the way to lose weight. So i made this recipe which is delicious and good for my diet. And healthy.
In 3dl (about one cup) almond milk i put 1 teaspoon of vanille sweetener ( i use eritrit-stevia mix), 2 teaspoon of psyllium husk flour, 2 teaspoon of carob powder and optional one teaspoon of sugarfree peanut butter. Mix it, wait for 5 minutes and you will have a thick-chocolates-amazing chocolate shake.