Our Big 4 Dreams – Dream #1

First of all, if you wonder why i post the same photo all the time, just see it better ;-) They are looked so good with the twinkle light, i just couldn’t decide.
So i baked a cake to celebrate. No, no birthday. No early Christmas either. Something more special. For us!

Really don’t know how to start our story. Maybe i start with the title, what does ‘our big 4 dreams’ mean?
After we decided, that we want to move back to our country – so we changed our mind to start new life abroad – we set 4 big dreams we really want to have or reach in the near future. Before i tell you the Dream #1, i have to mention, that these dreams connect to each other, cannot exist one without another and other interesting fact the these dreams have to ‘happen’ in this order, so first dream #1, and then dream #2, etc.


So we set a perfect plan, that my husband will find a perfect job abroad, he would get enough money that we will easily renovate a house and save money to our other plans. We had another plan, that all that miracle would happen until the end of summer. First of all that our son wouldn’t have to go that school where he goes now, because i had bad feelings about and wasn’t friendly a bit.
But summer went and school time came and i was so upset i really cannot describe. Actually the whole summer was full of pain and crying and being upset, frequently asked the question that ‘but doesn’t God see we need change and that would be the perfect for us how we imagined? He really couldn’t make complaint about our plan’.


I clearly remember the moment when i decided to stop that behaving. I calmed down and asked for peace in myself. And peace came. And i think the real faith came with it too. To believe that there might be things/situations/places/opportunities what waiting for us but we don’t know about them already. That God sees the future what we couldn’t. After it was really easy to go through all the hard situations without making complaint. Things became worst and worst in the school and however i wanted to give something hope to my son, for example when will we move finally, i couldn’t say anything exactly just hug him.

One day in October a ‘Head Hunter’ Company wrote a message to my husband through Linked In that there would be a job, if he interested in, message her back. We were like pfff ok lets try but we sure that the company wouldn’ offer that much salary, what we would go home earlier, giving up that actual job what my husband is in. The first interview was quite soon and you won’t believe, but telling all the details of the job, she told the salary, and it was 1.5x more what we could imagine! :-O. It is totally the ‘no way’, ‘it is miracle’ category.

Then another hard time came, because we knew that the latest time, in April we will go back to our country, and the job what would my husband have there, is nonsense. We literally would be poor (to understand better, my husband is a diplomat here and by next Spring his post will expire).
But the company didn’t call my husband. And after a hard weekend they did and asked him to travel home for an interview. And another month(!) passed and we still didn’t have any answer! I will be honest, i really started to lose my mind however i learnt from the previous situation that i have to trust in Him!!!!


1.5 weeks ago the company called my husband, that ufortunatelly that position he (my husband) applied for, won’t be good for him. But they liked him so much that want offer another position in the company! (what??) and they will call him soon with the offer.
Who is that person who wouldn’t feel special after these words? Offer another position just because i am super good in their eyes? Oh my!
of course we were ready, that the salary won’t be that good, because it is a ‘lower’ position then the original one, but still better what salary my husband would have after going back home.

Exactly 2 days ago, that the director called my husband. He offered that job and you wouldn’t believe, the salary is almost the same!
Yay! We go home very soon! Our dream have started to come true! We won’t be poor! There would be always better future waiting for us than what we have imagined! Impossible is nothing for God! Really someone poke me i cannot believe it is alllll true! <3
So we ate this cake to celebrate the first day of our new life. And we are just so so thankful. And i am just so so proud of my husband!