Birthday candle for someone special

There is my friend, we know each other from high school. Live faaar from each other, lived always far from each other after graduating. At the begining she could go home more frequently then her life changed a bit and since we moved from our homecountry either. We both even are not on facebook so we email each other. When we can. Well not because of all that fact i made her a birthday gift and send it through mail but because we both love to send and recieve. I get always something from her too.

I have a few homemade fragranced candle idea in my pinterst board for a while, because i loooove fragranced candles, mainly during fall and winter, and do not buy any kind of candles because of the toxics. I believe that those strong and not natural fragrances are not good for us and i really don’t need them. And not to mention, the real natural fragranced candles are kinda expensive and my candles are sooner done than i could buy another one :-P.

So back to the story, i made vanille candle for her, and because i sooooo do care about the wrapping and packiging i payed attention to it. I painted a vanilla flower for a birthday card and made a personalized box for her present.
It wasn’t too much time or complex, and most of the thing i had in hand. I think i only bought the box base and the wick for the candles.
I chose a theme to be romantic bur pure. The glass is so elegant so the other things had to be simple. Ok maybe the most of the time of the whole procedure was the box wrapping with that brown paper. I wanted to look perfect :-P.
You can find the candle recipe here and all the other things you can do by your taste.

My friend turned 30

One of my friend turned 30 and we live far away to each other so it was not a question i want to give her something special. To tell the truth it is a little hard to give her presents because he really has everything and also i wanted to give her a special and totally personalized gift.
So postcard. Ok, but i wanted to make a very special postcard.
This time it happened that i imagined a postcard with a style what i want to use and put on that postcard and i was so lucky i found right exactly everything WHAT i wanted in the local craft shop.

What i bought:
-patterned craft paper
-3D elements for scrapbooking (these were the balloons)

and what i needed more but had on hand at home
– strong glue (UHU brand is always very good)
-gold thin paper roll, what we used at our Christmas party
-colorful craft paper for the 30 because i did not find any ready 3D number in the shop
-something fancy colorful pen to write inside
– a very little washitape

(sorry of the quality of the photos but my old photo machine doesn’t work and still don’t have a new one—-> iPhone pics…)

Originally i wanted to fold a simple colorful paper or buying a postcard base but saw that paper (it is a paper book actually, several paper with these kind of patterns) and i just thought that this is the perfect! Because of it is a 3 way-folded postcard (so quite big) and it is a big birthday milestone i thought i would make it more memorable. So inside she can write the 30 things she is thankful for in her 30 yearly life and 30 things she wants to reach or have during her next 30 years. She loved it!
And to give it a fun way as well i glued those gold paper strips one by one that as she opens it they flow out. (you know based on the postcard which is full of confetti :D  —— > at the end of the post there is a fun slow motion video ;-)

——-> click here for the Slow motion video

Nimrod turned 7, and asked for a Lego Mixels Party

Yeah, i start every post about my boys’ birthday (party) that i am crying a river and ask why the time has to be soooooo fast? But all the moms say it, am i right? I am so glad, they have new birthdays each year because it means we have them. But i am that kind of mommy who would go back to the time when they were babies no matter how hard (actually the only hard part is the little sleep time :-P ). Believe me, i know mommies who told me they are so happy with the fact their kids are bigger and it is easier. However they love their children. We are different. I bet it is easier for them, receive the time goes fast facts.

But back to the party, I do not know if you know the Lego Mixels series, my boys LOVE them. In each series there are 3 type of little….how to call, cause they are not monsters, they are just legos :D so 3 little something, what you can built to make a big one and when they build themselves say: MIX!
I have hosted a lot of parties before and what i really learnt is that for kids it is unnecessary to make lots of food because they eat so little. They play a lot. So we just made a fancy decoration base, and of course i made a birthday cake and there were mixels plates and paper straws, paper cups with the number on it (have to tell, Nimród helped me to paint the numbers and put the washitape!!) etcetc but really just few what ‘hit’. Beside the cake we prepared sandwiches that everyone could choose the topper as long the kids were from 5 different nations (and cultures) and there were fruits with almond and they could put some chocolate sauce on it. I put the sign ‘Mix’ as they could mix as they wanted :-)

But about the real day of the birthday and our traditions: this year the real birthday and the party were not on the same day. What we usually do then? Firstly wake up the birthday person with balloons. They so love it, just look at his face! We use these balloons always at the party and the last until they have air in them :-P. I always make a number garland of colorful papers above our dining table. Usually we have it for a month after the birthday. And of course gift time is right after waking up and I make a birthday cake for us, as a family of four to have it after dinner. And my favorite is, that the birthday person gives flower(s) to his/her mother  ’cause without mom there is no birthday ;-).

So here the party through the photos.

Happy Birthday my sweet Boy!


P1090333_blog IMG_3302_bog




Vince turned 3

Just a minute until I am crying an ocean. Or two. Yeah, maybe crying 2 oceans will be enough to calm myself that my younger little boy is already 3.
He is so different to his brother. He is calm, he was a super baby but can cry, shout and scream like a little monster if he wants to reach something. Yeah, I am strong and start my day to thicker my nerve but you know, just when I have weaker days. I so love him, not just that he looks like me outside but he is so me inside too! So good to have a soulmate in the family :-)

He is also different from his brother that he loves everything about cars, planes but the most he loves diggers and trash cars. I know, this is a boy thing but to say again it was interesting to experience cause his brother never interested in.
So this time he asked me to make a digger themed party ( I mean ‘party’ because we celebrated just 4 ) and because of the fact he has more diggers as you can imagine this time he asked a trash car. I mean he told us on the previous days he will get a trash car :D. (Thanks God, we really bought a trash car and not anything else).

So as we have this tradition, we woke up him with balloons ( I found ones with diggers!), had a digger breakfast, got his present, and at the end of the day we had his birthday cake. Digger themed of course. And I was super lucky (and tired to figure out anything else) to find the perfect digger set for eat and drink. And yeah, the birthday boy always get a t-shirt which fits to the theme. Digger on it, of course.
Slow down little boy, slow down time please, has anybody contrived the time-stopping button yet?

IMG_1861_blog IMG_1863_blog
PA120083_blog IMG_2112_blog
PA120084_blog PA120085_blog
PA120086_blog PA120087_blog
PA120095_blog PA120090_blog

Nimród turned 6 and asked for a Skylanders party

My first baby boy is 6 already. Really do not want to think about, that how fast the time flies!!
He asked a Skylandert themed party, as actual favorite, although we did not have party with or for other kids, just the bigger family, because my kids were sick cca. during a month, and I really did not want to get something again from the kiddos…

We have some traditions for the birthday persons in our family. Firs is, that we wake up her/him with balloons, and those balloons we use after for the birthday party as a decoration. The other is of course the birthday breakfast and we have a cake after dinner too, if the party is not on the same day.
The birthday boy/girl gives a bunch of flowers to his/her mama, because without a mama, no birthday can exists :-)

You wouldn’t guess, what he got as a present. Yes! A Skylanders roller for bigger size :-D
Also this was my very first gluten free and eggfree chocolate cake, which turned out r-e-a-l-l-y good. ;-)




Fall, 2014 – Part II.

There are two other important “things” to do every fall: making the first cookies as the weather is getting to be cooler and it is okey to warm up with the owen  – and celebrate the youngest member’s birthday. Although we do it only for 2 years! :-) And of course the other “must have” is carving pumpkines and catch the frist froze outside.