Quick and pretty advent candle décor

I think it is maximum 20 minutes with all together. Maybe less if you don’t have to glue. Maybe less if you choose one of my older ideas.

So first, just let’s ask the common question, that how is it Advent again? Don’t get me wrong, i am IN LOVE with this season. It is just that i clearly remember that everybody was crying over take off the decoration and now we put back?!
Ok, now that nobody has the answer we should go forward to that said candles. I mean the décor because the candles are the part of it.

The last couple of years i make simpler and simpler advent ‘wreath’ décors. It is funny that it’s still called ‘wreath’ if is about advent candles, even if we don’t put candles onto a wreath.

Anyway. I didn’t become lazy, i’ve  just become simpler. Not just in decoration, in everything. Name it getting older. I still get a shower everyday, wear clean clothes etc and care about my looking or the looking of our home (it is my job ha!), i love detailes! But i love these and do these some kind of different way. It makes me more exiting to make something so simple but ‘wow’.  And i love to use more and more natural stuff.

So  on a -i think the last- wonderful colorful Saturday we took a walk in the nearby forest -to enjoy the scene and weather of course- and to look for this and that for decoration. Thats how i came back with a basket full of moss and cute little cones. I was that lucky that i found a special looking moss – maybe what i have seen in plant nursery as a succulent?! – and i found really really little cones. Winwin!

So as you will see my older ideas at the end of my post, i followed my tradition which means:
– some box or tray
-4 simple white candles
-some green
-some other simple accesories to decorate with

and you will need some sand or little rocks if you use thin and tall candles and some glue maybe.

When we moved here abroad we could bring very little amount of things. Of course i had to declutter the most of decorations and accesories. I wanted to something other that a tray so thats why i chose this wood box which is actually an old drawer of an old sewing machine-table. (like Singer brand).

I didn’ have a proper thin-tall candle holder so i had to use a glass tea candle holder with glue and little rocks to make it unmovable. And moss and cones for decoration. Thats all!

So first i fixed my candles’ bottom to empty tea candle cans and that is what i put into the glass tea candle holder. I needed this double step, because i didn’t want to glue the candles right onto the glass tea candle holder.


After i put the little rocks to fix it – i had these rocks from my flower pots.

I put the moss, not the whole in one time but taking pieces of them and arranging around the candles to make it to look nice and hide the rocks. Then jsut placed the cones. No glue or anything is needed, just push a bit harder and it will find a little place to stay in the moss.



It was easy right?



I need to just spray softly the moss with clear water like once a week.

And here are my older ideas which are the same simple and quick method.

Not real moss with grey beads.


Not real moss with wood numbers.


A little bit more, but still simple: green branches from bush, little little cones and a grey deer.

As i used the moss, i realized that even a pot bottom would be so good as a tray, for thicker candles. Hmm maybe i will do this next year…


Happy First Advent!

We rent: Fall vibes in our home, 2016

Fall is here, and we love it. If i was suffering so much about  that winter was so long and spring came so late – where we live now – this climate is an advantage now, as we have real fall in time! I mean chilly weather and all the good stuff.


Actually i only decorate for a season at fall and winter. During spring and summer we enjoy so much being outside and all the beautiful thing is happening outside, even there is no really time for candles for example because it is light early and dark late.

But who can resist all the pumpkins, candles, blankets, puffy-fluffy cushions and so on? Just that much what won’t make empty the house after delete them.

So here are the fall vibes in our home. Happy Fall, Y’all!



I only put out the foxes and owles during fall.


The only way i love orange is in pumpkins and plants.


Second Advent Cake and our tree dressed up

…and also Dec the 6th is the day in several countries – so here as well- when at the morning of 6th of December kids find little treasures in their boots. Saint Nikolaus brings them, the good kids get chocolate and nuts the bad kids potatoes or onions or coal. Of course it is totally depends on the tradition of the families, someone buy big gifts for this day…
But it was Second Advent too,  so I made another festive cake and the same time on this day we went to a family for some gathering time so I made double :-) It is a wonderful cranberry-orange roll and have to tell you, everybody loved it!
I do not type the recipe here just click and for your gluten free version I recommend that just make your usual gluten free rolls and add the cranberry-orange sauce you can read in the article.

And what the success of this cake? The ‘meeting’ of the saure cheese cream and the sweet cranberry-orange sauce. Everybody highlighted that tasting after eating the cake that it is sooooo good. So I encourage you not to change it into mascarpone or cream, or if you have milk allergy too and for example use coconut cream, put some lemon jouice into that.
The other success of this recipe what I realized only after reading and starting to make it, that you put the rolls next to each other to make a wreath form after bake it :D. Well yeah…


But also it was the day when we dressed up our tree. We usually set it up around Dec the 1st and leave it naked with the fairy lights. I LOVE it. I would not put ornaments this time ’cause it was our first tall and thick tree it is so beautiful with its own beauty, but the kids wanted ornaments. However we don’t have too much ornaments and it is a big tree so it is beautifully simple. Each of our ornaments has a story, we bought somewhere or got it from somebody we really love and everywhere we travel try to find a new piece so we collect them this way. Oh and everyone is white, grey, pearl, beige, or gold.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Second Advent!


We have fun: we love fall

Yesssss, we do. I really cannot imagine how that fall could not been loved by people. How? Ok, it is grey, rainy, windy lot of times and gets dark earlier, but common, look at that beautiful nature! I cannot get over how beautiful is everything. Maybe I feel this way, because we live at a place where we have ahhhmazing colorful trees? (If the hills and clouds would not enough blessing). But not, because we came from a place, where we did not have hills and barely have colorful trees. We had but not as much and as colorful as we have now. So despite that fact I am/have been always in love with fall.
So here are fed pics how we live our fall-ish days, how we live with the possibilities that season gives us and we decorate. :-)

Happy fall, y’all!


Our tradition at the middle of the season that we bake leaf shaped cookies. We do it together on our dining table and have fun.


During the fall season I can pick beautiful flowers as well, from our garden. I love these bouquets!




This is our porch decorated for fall.


Under the Ericas flower onions are sleeping already until spring.


Where we live!!


Another bouquet from our garden.


Pumpkins from our own garden!



Our Christmas, 2014

The 24th of December is the day when our family gathers together and have a Christmas dinner. Every year I made a simple table decor, which this time based on rosemary from our garden. I love it so much so decided that it will a tradition from now: using rosemary at least for the napkins as napkins ring.
The next day is always a family day in pajamas when we have our special pancake breakfast (now it was snowman) and that morning arrives the presents for us. We all have red socks always which is fun to see together and also looking back whew the kids feet have been grown so much as the time goes by… (also sad for a mom :-( :-P ).

But it went by so fast…










How was your Christmas?

How we decorated for the Holidays

For a couple of years I’d better decorate our house for Christmas with less decoration but that less decoration may reach that ‘wow’ level for us. Also I have noticed on myself that if I don’t put took many decoration on, after take them off the house wouldn’t has seen kind of empty immediately.
It is interesting but for winter it’s good to use white, grey and light blue mostly. They are so festive and christmassy with the candles and lights. We have decorations what we use again and again because they have a story. Like our ornaments. We put the same collection on every year and each one of them has a meaning for us. I let the kids help me to paint some items as well (like the wood stars in the window) and I really don’t mind that the painting didn’t turn out perfect. They enjoyed to help me, I enjoyed to be with them :-)