We travel: Stuttgart part I.

Actually it is our hometown now, but I thought it would be a very first post from our travel series.
So, Stuttgart, where we live now. The downtown of the city is ‘sitting’ in the valley and then continues upper and upper on the hill. Usually the streets are tight and however I have never been (already!) in San Francisco, but as I have seen in the movies and as we were going after the tram up and down, it remands me if we were there. You realize, how high you can go, or how high the houses are when you look back and down to the valley, to the other houses. For example we live almost on the top, after our backyard there is only one street left, and then finished.


The old and modern houses are mixed incredibly good. You cannot realize that you can see two different type of houses near to each other only if you watch every single house or build alone. In front of the Neuer Schloss (it is a Castle) there is a big park and then there is a very old looking building, but inside there is a hypermodern supermarket (I mean, lots of shops of several brands, restaurants etc). 


The other thing I realized after being here for two days, that you can see roses everywhere. I mean every corner! I have not looked after if there is any story behind that, but it is really good for your eyes when you travel or walk around the typical urbanish milieu and you see these pop of colors. Every colors of roses can be. 


 Above the roses there is more ‘green’ as many in a downtown could be (except New York though :-P ), it is really good to see, that they tried to put a tree or a little grass almost everywhere using such a creative way… 


But if would not be there any tree or rose it would be so green as well, because the city is actually in a forest. For example, to enter to our street is through a forest too. Of course, you would not imagine it as is in the horror movies, the nature and infrastructure run into one another. On the hill-side you find lots of Vineyard. Lots of Vineyard. 


But back to the downtown part, I mentioned the park in front of the Neuer Schloss. It is so green, the grass is so deep green that at first sight you would think it is not real. Of flowers are around, you can sit/laydown/run in the grass. There is a looooong pedestrian precinct there too, with lots of people, especially on Saturdays evening. (On Sundays is almost totally empty, because every shop and almost every restaurants are closed on Sundays) It is very colorful, because of the people, because there is always something, several good street musicians, we have seen cute sisters fluting for pocket money, HipHop dancers, clowns, live statue man, ‘drawing” man, etcetc. If there is any festival or party, they put on the stages there between the park and the showed supermarket building.



There is a little lake in the city, called Feuersee as Firelake, supposed to be for the firefighters in case of fire. So, the lake and the neighborhood of the lake was not so impressive, except maybe that little church on the middle and that we saw ducks and turtles in the water. But I think that at fall and winter time it will be much more beautiful with the colored trees in the soft sunshine or covered with white after snowing or just frozing. 


 Last but not least, the here is another interesting sign of the city: this city has a lots of fountains. Sometimes they put one a very creative way, because there was not too much place for it: the water falls vertically! 



I will continue the second part with other fountains and mini waterfalls and other really fun stuff about and from this city :-) I promise not to show you more roses :D:D:D