Frozen beauties

Tuesday’s morning weather inspired me. It was a really cold morning, when everything was frozen. At first sight it seems to be boring and everything looks like the same but if you go closer and start watch it carefully, you can see the details. This time  the important is not that what color is it, or is it colorful or even what is IT, because everything is grey and brown and white. I love these tones with the little green and red at Winter time, after the very colorful Autumn and before the very colorful Spring. So beside the same color the frost make the edges very sharp and there is a strong contrast and structure just like we would wearing a photoshoop glasses all time seeing around :D.

Lets find beauty in every season! Enjoy!




We have fun: Halloween 2015 and other fall-ish things

The fall was amazing. When I screamed every day, how beautiful the trees were, I did not know that they will be even MORE beautiful. We had a very warm end of October and actually the whole November it is. (and the nights were so mild as well) Though we have left 1.5 week of it, we are said to have ‘winter’ finally from this weekend.
So here are the days we had, in pictures. I want to remember the good things and the joy we had. Only these things, nothing else.




Vince turned 3

Just a minute until I am crying an ocean. Or two. Yeah, maybe crying 2 oceans will be enough to calm myself that my younger little boy is already 3.
He is so different to his brother. He is calm, he was a super baby but can cry, shout and scream like a little monster if he wants to reach something. Yeah, I am strong and start my day to thicker my nerve but you know, just when I have weaker days. I so love him, not just that he looks like me outside but he is so me inside too! So good to have a soulmate in the family :-)

He is also different from his brother that he loves everything about cars, planes but the most he loves diggers and trash cars. I know, this is a boy thing but to say again it was interesting to experience cause his brother never interested in.
So this time he asked me to make a digger themed party ( I mean ‘party’ because we celebrated just 4 ) and because of the fact he has more diggers as you can imagine this time he asked a trash car. I mean he told us on the previous days he will get a trash car :D. (Thanks God, we really bought a trash car and not anything else).

So as we have this tradition, we woke up him with balloons ( I found ones with diggers!), had a digger breakfast, got his present, and at the end of the day we had his birthday cake. Digger themed of course. And I was super lucky (and tired to figure out anything else) to find the perfect digger set for eat and drink. And yeah, the birthday boy always get a t-shirt which fits to the theme. Digger on it, of course.
Slow down little boy, slow down time please, has anybody contrived the time-stopping button yet?

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We travel, Summer vacation, 2015 – Chamonix

– Where do you want go home?
-I have no clue honey. Maybe now lets go through France and Switzerland, not Italy.
-What about Chamonix? It is a very cute little town. We could see the Montblanc and go through the tunnel we could not when we came here.
-Oh, Montblanc, sounds great

And then I thought that we will DRIVE through a beautiful little town, just you know, see anything else too, not just the beautiful Alps. Then after getting through the oh-so-famous tunnel between Italy and France we arrived and suddenly my husband drove into a parking area.
-What? We stop? I thought we just go through somewhere.
And after got out from the car and like leaving our minds finding a shadow, I was amazed. Firstly that how can be that hot, at the feet of the Montblanc, when I see a lot of snow?! Well we figured out that is not the normal weather as we saw lamb fluffy something and fleece blankets were on every chair in every restaurant…
And secondly, that view! Those houses! So many people and calming at the same time! I want that view every morning, too! I do not want to say anything else, just that look the pictures, and you will know, what I am talking about :-)
We will go back. Defenitelly we will go back <3.


We travel: Summer vacation, 2015 – Portovenere

It happened I think on Tuesday but maybe on Monday, that I was looking on my friend’s insta pictures and saw one about Cinque Terre. I knew, that she was there in that part of Italy before us (just a week or so), so suddenly it came to my mind to search about what is exactly Cinque Terre and where it is. Because I have seen a million times that typical picture about the colorful houses on the hill-side and also was sigh a little that wish I could see it once, SO there was the opportunity. We already had plans for Wednesday but there was a Thursday.
So we went. And now I have a big suggestion for you: never ever believe 100% what the GPS says! Because ok, Cinque Terre means 5 towns, which means that 5 towns are sidebyside so maybe you know that you are already in the other town that the sign shows (well, thats really true), because they look exactly the same. But GPS thought that we want to go that Cinque Terre, which is a little little something of about 10 houses, a beach and thats all. The worst and the best on the same time, that we had to go there through an extra ( I mean, extra!!!) tortuous, sinuous road, up on the hill and down from the hill and I was su-per-sick. But it was ahmmazing (yeah I like to write that word this way :D ) because we saw million olive trees, and it happened that a big cloud went through the hill (we were on super high), like I touched it, and did not see anything but our noses. Suddenly it disappeared and the Sun brightly shined ( suddenly it became very hot) and we could see the wonderful blue sea from above.
I took a pic of that place…


It was beautiful but definitely not that place I wanted to go. I told my husband that no matter we already drove 2 hours (sorry kids!) but want to see what we started to travel for! Thanks God, we arrived. it so worthed to continue our trip! We chose -or maybe it chose us, cause we just parked somewhere- Portovenere. It was really that beautiful view with the colorful houses as I saw in several photos. We climbed to the castle and a big surprise waited for us! Behind the houses there was a rocky place, like a rocky beach but only a very few and brave persons were bathing there. You know the water here is really strong and you have to jump from stone to stone. It was a sunset that time so just cannot describe how wonderful it felt. We have to go Malta next summer. We -have-to-go. (Cause Malta is like a stone-rockes-caves-water place) Enjoy our memories!