My friend turned 30

One of my friend turned 30 and we live far away to each other so it was not a question i want to give her something special. To tell the truth it is a little hard to give her presents because he really has everything and also i wanted to give her a special and totally personalized gift.
So postcard. Ok, but i wanted to make a very special postcard.
This time it happened that i imagined a postcard with a style what i want to use and put on that postcard and i was so lucky i found right exactly everything WHAT i wanted in the local craft shop.

What i bought:
-patterned craft paper
-3D elements for scrapbooking (these were the balloons)

and what i needed more but had on hand at home
– strong glue (UHU brand is always very good)
-gold thin paper roll, what we used at our Christmas party
-colorful craft paper for the 30 because i did not find any ready 3D number in the shop
-something fancy colorful pen to write inside
– a very little washitape

(sorry of the quality of the photos but my old photo machine doesn’t work and still don’t have a new one—-> iPhone pics…)

Originally i wanted to fold a simple colorful paper or buying a postcard base but saw that paper (it is a paper book actually, several paper with these kind of patterns) and i just thought that this is the perfect! Because of it is a 3 way-folded postcard (so quite big) and it is a big birthday milestone i thought i would make it more memorable. So inside she can write the 30 things she is thankful for in her 30 yearly life and 30 things she wants to reach or have during her next 30 years. She loved it!
And to give it a fun way as well i glued those gold paper strips one by one that as she opens it they flow out. (you know based on the postcard which is full of confetti :D  —— > at the end of the post there is a fun slow motion video ;-)

——-> click here for the Slow motion video

We love mini-travel: Strassburg

We have cities on our travel list which are marked as mini-travel. It means they are just 2-3 hours from us by car so we start early morning and come home by dinner time. Because our main goal is walking around the cities (no museums for example and we can eat somewhere in the city/town if we found any gluten free option) a long day is just enough for everything, so with our sandwiches and homemade sweets enjoy our time together. Tell the truth these cities are not too characteristics exclude the metropolis and capitals so a good 3-4-5 hours is just enough there with kids. Enjoy the view, the weather, making memories.

The first weekend of February was awesome, we had a sunny warm Saturday exactly went to see Strassburg. Enjoy!