Trip to Spain, 2016

Finally we went to a place which’s language i speak! It was so so so good to understand everything and having a good talk with some people.

Also, this was our first time that we were traveling during 2 days by car – with a ‘sleep stop’ in an Airbnb – and i have to tell, it was the last time either. Never ever again.

So Spain. This time i really did not want to take a photo every single minute but enjoy the time together. On one hand because it would take a forever time to edit those pics and on the other hand because all the memories and feels are in ourselves and less pic enough to make us remember.  We had much fun with doing nothing at the beach than acting tourists. We went Tarragona but ended up seeing anything after a half hour and went to the beach. We went to Valencia and it was amazing, what we had seen, but also because of the heat, we went to the beach again.
The warmest water was at Valencia. The clearest water was at Valencia. Also at Tarragona you have to walk a lot inside the water to catch the deeper part. One day we went to the mountaines, to Montanejo, to see that popular Hot Spring. We arrived around 10 am when it was basicly empty then until 11 am it became full of people! It is an oh-so-clear-and-cold mountain lake and it was just so beautiful. I had to realize again that for me, sweet waters aka lakes always win againts salty waters aka sea or ocean.

Some advice:
-The souther you go, the cheaper you will find accomodation, especially airbnb-s. For me, the real Spain starts from Valencia. One day i really want to see Sevilla and Andalucía. All the tiles everywhere, cute little streets and that arabian hint what make everything so unique.
-If you have gluten allergy, this is your country. Even on the shelves it is written if something is glutenfree!
– Inform yourself about shop openings because they are opened very rarely :-)

So here are some moody pics of our wonderful trip to Spain:



We rent: Fall vibes in our home, 2016

Fall is here, and we love it. If i was suffering so much about  that winter was so long and spring came so late – where we live now – this climate is an advantage now, as we have real fall in time! I mean chilly weather and all the good stuff.


Actually i only decorate for a season at fall and winter. During spring and summer we enjoy so much being outside and all the beautiful thing is happening outside, even there is no really time for candles for example because it is light early and dark late.

But who can resist all the pumpkins, candles, blankets, puffy-fluffy cushions and so on? Just that much what won’t make empty the house after delete them.

So here are the fall vibes in our home. Happy Fall, Y’all!



I only put out the foxes and owles during fall.


The only way i love orange is in pumpkins and plants.