Quick and pretty advent candle décor

I think it is maximum 20 minutes with all together. Maybe less if you don’t have to glue. Maybe less if you choose one of my older ideas.

So first, just let’s ask the common question, that how is it Advent again? Don’t get me wrong, i am IN LOVE with this season. It is just that i clearly remember that everybody was crying over take off the decoration and now we put back?!
Ok, now that nobody has the answer we should go forward to that said candles. I mean the décor because the candles are the part of it.

The last couple of years i make simpler and simpler advent ‘wreath’ décors. It is funny that it’s still called ‘wreath’ if is about advent candles, even if we don’t put candles onto a wreath.

Anyway. I didn’t become lazy, i’ve  just become simpler. Not just in decoration, in everything. Name it getting older. I still get a shower everyday, wear clean clothes etc and care about my looking or the looking of our home (it is my job ha!), i love detailes! But i love these and do these some kind of different way. It makes me more exiting to make something so simple but ‘wow’.  And i love to use more and more natural stuff.

So  on a -i think the last- wonderful colorful Saturday we took a walk in the nearby forest -to enjoy the scene and weather of course- and to look for this and that for decoration. Thats how i came back with a basket full of moss and cute little cones. I was that lucky that i found a special looking moss – maybe what i have seen in plant nursery as a succulent?! – and i found really really little cones. Winwin!

So as you will see my older ideas at the end of my post, i followed my tradition which means:
– some box or tray
-4 simple white candles
-some green
-some other simple accesories to decorate with

and you will need some sand or little rocks if you use thin and tall candles and some glue maybe.

When we moved here abroad we could bring very little amount of things. Of course i had to declutter the most of decorations and accesories. I wanted to something other that a tray so thats why i chose this wood box which is actually an old drawer of an old sewing machine-table. (like Singer brand).

I didn’ have a proper thin-tall candle holder so i had to use a glass tea candle holder with glue and little rocks to make it unmovable. And moss and cones for decoration. Thats all!

So first i fixed my candles’ bottom to empty tea candle cans and that is what i put into the glass tea candle holder. I needed this double step, because i didn’t want to glue the candles right onto the glass tea candle holder.


After i put the little rocks to fix it – i had these rocks from my flower pots.

I put the moss, not the whole in one time but taking pieces of them and arranging around the candles to make it to look nice and hide the rocks. Then jsut placed the cones. No glue or anything is needed, just push a bit harder and it will find a little place to stay in the moss.



It was easy right?



I need to just spray softly the moss with clear water like once a week.

And here are my older ideas which are the same simple and quick method.

Not real moss with grey beads.


Not real moss with wood numbers.


A little bit more, but still simple: green branches from bush, little little cones and a grey deer.

As i used the moss, i realized that even a pot bottom would be so good as a tray, for thicker candles. Hmm maybe i will do this next year…


Happy First Advent!

Testing homemade marshmallow recipes

Not just ‘recipes’, because there are thousands of them on the internet (khmm pinterest).
Once a recipe came to my feed which said that ‘marshmallow in a healthier way’, and i just started to search new and new recipes with the key words ‘vegan’ and ‘corn syrup free’.
We cannot eat store bought marshmallows, because even if i found a gluten free version (usually i do), it containes sugar , a lot of sugar, and made by corn starch which also not a friend of our bloodsugar (and actually nobody’s blood sugar). Ha!

Long story short, i hooked on 2 recipes which are so easy but i warn you, the textures are a bit fluffier and softer than the one you can buy in the stores. Also they are not roast-able because they containes more ‘luiquid’ than hard part. They would just melt away (i tried roast, both).
But tastes totally amazing and the same as the store bought. Maybe i would say, putting them to a hot cocoa, these are better because totally is like you would put clouds into your drink. Yumm!

So lets start it!

Recipe #1

The original recipe is from here.

I only have changed the honey and used a Fig syrup, which is not 0 calorie, but its GI is low. So however i have to count with its CH-s, i could only eat 2 or 3 cubes at one time which is actually nothing. If you – or me- would find a syrup, which is made by a natural sweetener with 0 calorie, than you and me could eat as much as we can :-).
This marshmallow’s flavour was so intensive, i really hardly could stop to eat by the countertop.
My other advice is that whisk it quite well, that won’t be any liquid at the bottom because it could make a gelatine ‘line’ under the fluffyness, like it happened to me. But still tasted so good just maybe somebody wouldn’t love the look! :D


Recipe #2

The original recipe is from here.
This recipe worked so well and was that easy and fast, as the previous. It was a bit harder, that hard, that very carefully i could cut circles. After rolling them (very carefully) in eritrit powder-bamboofiber flour mix, it was totally like a store bought marshmallow, but as i said, it is still fluffier and softer. I think next time i would add more powder sugar or a little bamboofiber flour, to make it more ‘harder’.

This is totally zero in every way because the sweetener is 0 calorie (except xillit), it won’t lift the bloog sugar and a healthy way to have that sweeeeeet flavour.



And last but not least how it looks when melting. If you want make quick and healthy marshmallows, try one of them. Or both of them :-)