A very snowy weekend with mountains

I need to write an introductory for these pictures but oh my…. after our summer trip i mentioned how we love the mountaines. Yes, they always were beautiful for us but being right in front of that mountains and being 3500 meters high is so much different. We totally fell in love. Both of us started to see and looking for any connection with them, like my husband who runs since then was ¬†always watching running stories in the mountains etc etc :D.
So we love it during the summer and on one hand we wanted to know if we feel the same during winter, covered with snow, just white and very cold, cause if yes, we have to keep our dream and goals for living, having a home somewhere in the world near to the mountains. And a little forest would not be bad either :-P. On the other hand we wanted to see a lot of snow, the last 3 winters we have not seen any (or too much) cause we did not have where we lived (however we were supposed to have as we have usually a winter with snow) and Vince, who is 3 yrs old saw it only when he was a little baby but we know that is different. So it was snowing day and night here, a lot of snow came and it was a double joy to go from snow to a lot of snow.

Anyway. We fell in love again. We love the mountains anyhow. We keep our dream and want to reach it. See the photos, i tried to shoot the feelings and the mood.
And the adventure did not finish on Saturday cause next day we decided to see our forest next to our house how it looks being white?! It was snowing like crazy and then suddenly sun was shining and suddenly both… so we had a good 20 minutes out there because in like 2 minutes a huge snow storm came and we hardly could go home (walking, of course) but it was so fun! We were totally white :D As we arrived home and took of our winter cloth the sun started to shine again. Silly weather… but we loved it!
So Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Eibsee and the forest near to us.




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