Three new dresses- Three new looks

I am a fun of redesigning cloths. Ok, i am blessed that i can sew and that i have lots of ideas. Always. (sometimes the too much idea is not a blessing :-P )
So what is the point? I see a dress, a (t-)shirt, anything, and it is too expensive what i cannot afford or it is too expensive that i would not pay even if i can!
The other part of the story is that i am a dress or long t-shirt or tunic wearing woman all.year.long. Light material, knitted ones, with leggings or without leggings i am a lover of these pieces because i really hate trousers or so but also i don’t want to look as someone who just have come from yoga or get out of the bed.
So first, i have this light blue denim dotted shirt what i wanted so long. Someday i met with that light denim shirt, i loved the material, the longness everything, and all i needed is making dotts with fabric paint and with a pencil who has flat rubber ending.
The brown shirt with lace was just a love at first sight. I mean without lace. I did not try it and at home i just realized it is too short to wear it with leggings. You know, leggings are not trousers, so it is better if you cover your butt if you wear leggings :D… So i thought a light brown lace will be just fine.
And last, but not least here is that striped dress what i love so much! I wear it with leggings as well and i love how comfy and soft it is. Once, i have seen a photo of a striped dress with lace around the neck and i was in love. I was looking for the perfect dress base, which is look like this and also the price is as much as i want to pay! So i spent a few hours to sew the lace on, by hand, and i sew every little part of the lace onto the dress, so it is total washmachine friendly.

Lets see in pictures what have i done :-) Enjoy!

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