We love traveling: Netherlands II. – Amsterdam

We had a short trip to the Netherlands from Friday to Monday. We travelled by car to be able to see as many things as places, as we could. We had exact plan (Amsterdam, Keukenhof and find a flower field) the others we were improvising. The whole long weekend we were so blessed, it was sunny, not warm but not cold and only once it was raining but during the night. We stayed in a cute Airbnb in a little town, calles Schoorl. Oh we loved it so much!

After the flowers there is Amsterdam.
First impression: WOW. And another WOW. So impressive, so caracteristic, so stylish, so intensive, so cool! Amsterdam is a ‘big thing’ if you have never been there, for that, if you have been there, for it. I have never been to New York but saw lot of movies and my first thought was that like i am walking in one of the movies which was played in New York or around that place! Well we know, the dutch made their place in New York and around so it is not a suprise. I was amazed that every.single.door was different, every.single.door was unique and even the ‘ugly’ doors were beautiful, too. #ihavethisthingswithdoors
I like it in the whole country that 90% of the  houses and buildings are made with brick. Natural, black, white, dark blue, dark green and dark red what we saw the most. (love it love it love it!!!)
So it was, what we expected and couldn’t spend too much time, so there would be other parts we would see.
We liked it so much, but agreed with my husband and with my grandma (she was with us), that this city is for singles, couples so WITHOUT children. It was too crowed and rushed and as a mountain-forest family it helped us to say goodby without the feelings: if we were so lucky to live here.

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