5 exciting – non usual – lemonade variations for the hot summa’

Hey, we got real summer hottnes for two days and i cannot stop to make all the soft drinks for ourselves.
I show you 5 variations what includes non – usual pairs, and maybe you wouldn’t figure out, by your own.

But believe me, even they sounds weird, they are really really delicious. So lets see:


1. The classical
Life gave you lemons? No problem! :-) Ok this is a well – known lemonade: mint, fresh slice of lemons, sugar (or sweetener, we use erythritol-stevia mix). But it is a must. (And i am telling secretly, that if you change lemons into lime and pour some rum too, it will be a wonderful mojito. But don’t forget the mint!)


2. Peach and rosmary
Maybe you think first, that ‘hey, i love a good meal of rosemary chicken with grilled peaches’. But it won’t taste like that because it will be a citrus-y drink with some spicy back-flavour. Make a lemonade base (lemon juice, sugar/sweetener into the cold water) and put some peaches and a little rosemary branch. Dried rosemary spice won’t work.


3. Rasberry and basil
Like with peach-rosemary duo this will be a nice soft drink, too, the basil is just a good extra which highlight the rasberry flavour. You need to make a lemonade base and then put some rasberry and some basil leaf.

4. Rose and mint
I was so sceptic. ‘Cause you know, rose…. reminds me of soap and cologne…it has a strong smelling. But this lemonade is so tasty!! Only be careful and ¬†use only roses which was not been sprayed. Make a lemonade base and put some rose petals and mint leaves. Taste it every half hou if it is ready to your favor.


5. Lavender
I was so afraid to taste anything which had lavender flavour that it took years. This was my first lavender flavour ‘something’ and since then i am eating anything with lavender flavour. I think the secret is, like with roses, that you have to taste it every half hour. So make a lemonade base and put some lavender flowers without leaves. And hey, it really got that light greyish purple-ish color. I love it!

Try one of these or try all don’t miss them! :-)

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