We rent: Our porch – we decorated a bit.

If you follow my on instagram you know that i spend a lot of time on our porch – actually as much as i can with all the mommy-etc tasks. But one things is fix: as far as the weather let me, i start here my day and i finish here as well.
We have a not so big grass area i front of the porch, but we cannot use it, only we have to cut the grass. Before we came here we had a beautiful garden. It was so much work, i had so many flowers, we had a littlemini lake, -my husband made it- with gold fish. So i wanted to bring a little from that garden with plants. The soil here is awful, it is 100% clay. The few plants we could plant the other side is happened that we made a whole, filled with plantsoil and then put the plan. Last summer was a very rare hot summer (means 30-35 celcius degrees) but this summer was cold andy rainy, as usually is here. So all the plants and seeds were suffering, i didnt get what i supposed to.

Lets speak a bit about the furnitures. I had a picture in my mind, what kind of couch i would have to have. Wood and grey – especially collecting so many ideas on pinterest – and i found a totally similar one on some online shop. It was about 300 euros and when my husband saw it he said he could make it. And he did! I am so proud of him. Not to mention, all the material cost only around 100 euros. The cushions are from IKEA exactly for porch furnitures. It is washable which is big help in the middle of autumn when i put the cushions away.
The other furniture, that little desk was a plan in my head too. I did not find it any shops i just tried to explain to my husband. At least he designed it, the top of the table is from pallet only the legs are new. Both the couch and table got a good exterior oil to give them a little darker color and a protection from ‘weather’.
The mint drawer was an ebay found, i mean it was a brown drawer originally and was super cheap. I wanted one mint item along with all the natural color to hold all the garden stuff. It is yet decorating and very usefull-

To talk a bit about the wood fence or wall, well we did not have it last year but we wanted more intimate zone. And where could i put all the lights withouth that fence? :D

We enjoy this porch of ours, it does not susbstitute our previous garden but we do not want to stay forever or so much year.


And the pictures:



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