Refashion- summer dress from a long man t-shirt (green with embroidery)

The story is totally the same as with the other long man t-shirt, so i just copy the begining:

This was a loooooong project. I mean to write this post. I made this dress in about 3-5 days, because i had only 1-2 hours a day for sewing and finishing the whole procedure.
I love refashion because it is so exciting to make something unique and quite cheap with a simple way. Also, most of the time i refashion because i need something i cannot find or if i find something but think it is too pricey (even if i could afford it). Ok ok, it is easy for me as i can sew..

So lets start the story! I purchased 2 long man t-shirt which is originally – sorry for who wear it- awful! Really, these long t-shirts on men just look as they put on a woman’s dress. Not boy-ish.
I bought a size S and a size XL because i thought, the S will be fit on my upper body but won’t be enough long so i can use some fabric from the XL. So for the size XL i grabbed a simple cotton dress of mine and used it as a pattern. Just cut around with letting more fabric at the edge (for sewing).

It looked like this, on me ( a bit bigger):

So after cut ‘the pattern’ and sew it, i made that fancy detail again on the back. This time i used a beautiful ribbon to hold the edges together. And embroidery… well, at the middle i wished i wasn’t started it. Yes it made it so unique but….you know :D.
The color is mine again, i dyed it with using a green and blue to reach the color i wanted.
The butterfly arm is a tricky one too, i cut the original arm and made the shape and style i liked from it. Totally recycled.
My husband said a lot he likes it very much so it worthed to make. But maybe i will sew much easier pieces in the future…


And the photos of the result:


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