We rent: Fall vibes in our home, 2016

Fall is here, and we love it. If i was suffering so much about ┬áthat winter was so long and spring came so late – where we live now – this climate is an advantage now, as we have real fall in time! I mean chilly weather and all the good stuff.


Actually i only decorate for a season at fall and winter. During spring and summer we enjoy so much being outside and all the beautiful thing is happening outside, even there is no really time for candles for example because it is light early and dark late.

But who can resist all the pumpkins, candles, blankets, puffy-fluffy cushions and so on? Just that much what won’t make empty the house after delete them.

So here are the fall vibes in our home. Happy Fall, Y’all!



I only put out the foxes and owles during fall.


The only way i love orange is in pumpkins and plants.


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