We travel: Summer vacation – 2015, Nice

One of our plan was to visit Nice. We had have heard before that it is beautiful and my friend was here just right before our vacation and said it was so worth to see.
So we went. And did not regret. Before the trip I searched through the internet if there was any flea market and if yes then when. So we went on that day. And did not regret. It was the best flea market I have ever seen, though I have not been at too much. It was so elegant, we could find ANYthing. It as cheap and very expensive at the same time, it depended totally on the seller. When the weather started to be really hot, with our little treasures in our pocket went to the beach.
The beach was incredible, the water was incredible blue, so the sky! How you see in the photos it looks like, well it is natural wy it looked like (so no photoshop I mean…). However the beautiful landscape and so this part of the Riviera is not good to swimming with kids, Why am I saying that? The shore and the beach was filled up with little stones which hurt our feet like crazy (both because it was hot and spiky) but the shore was extra steep and huuuuge waves we had because there was no any breakwater stone. So if you can vastly get into the water as deep as you can, you will survive, but at the shore, it was really scary!!! There were some minutes when I was the two kids alone on the steep shore alone, and almost….almost a big wave drift us… so no Nice beach with little kids…


Yes, that mirror, the little drawer under the mirror, please. Ok and that rug from the back, I do not mind….


But what to do with little kids when we want to melt under the Sun? There is a fun water playgrounds for them! You know when little fountains, waterspouts come from the ground. Sometimes it comes slowly, then inmediatelly big and so and so. You can imagine, when lots of kids running and lauthin in the midle, and lots parents are waiting at the edge….in clothes… you can see in their eyes that they would just run through or praying inside that at least someone splash them… just a little splash! :D:D:D:D:D:D So, its name is Promenade du Paillon. The other part of the new area is a big green park, where you are allowed to sit or lay and picnic in the grass. At one of the corner of that green area there is a beautiful carousel. Really beautiful! 


Beside the beautiful beach area, we were amazed by the buildings. They were just incredibly beautiful, so many little details, amazing color combos what you only discover if you just see one building during long minutes. I would take photo of all, but no way you know…


At the and of the day we went home (aka Sanremo) and of course on a totally different way than we went to Nice, to discover new places. That is how we went through to Monaco, and realized only its name is ‘wow’, Monaco is a little… (country?!) which looks quite boring. So we were happy that did not waste a whole day to it, driving through and see this and that was just enough. Except you have a lot of money what you want to spend on a big boat :-P.
But then we arrived to the top from when we could continue our way go back, and I saw this landscape, swimming in the golden sunset. A little Monaco, a little Nice from above and a half island. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Though we want to come back again someday!

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