We travel: Summert vacation, 2015 – Saint-Tropez

I still have memories and pics in my pocket to show you about our very busy one week in August, when we traveled to Sanremo, as our baseplace, and then everyday we drove somewhere near (or little far) to see beautiful places.
Saint- Tropet was one of that places and at the same time the farthest place in South France we went. It was about 3 hours driving from Sanremo, and of course it was hot (sometime AC just not enough already) but really worth every minute. We had old memories about this town in movie series or/and old songs from the 90’s so we were curious if it was like Monaco (see Nice┬ápost) or it is really that cool and beautiful places. Mainly that lots of actors and actresses come frequently here for a lunch or just have a rest.
It is not that big town and oh my gosh! The buildings are as beautiful as in Nice, so many little beautiful details and colors and color-combos, but it is so much calmer. So much calmer. Except at the bay or by the alongshore but if you go farther you here silence and….. how can I describe? Our hearts were just go pitter-patter it was absolutely amazing. At least we did not went to the water here because it was just a tiny little “beach” but as we came here saw cool beach with sand in Saint-Maxime (it is the previous town before St.-Tropez if you come from the direction from Nice), and it was a free beach but enough big and that time (around 5-6 pm) already just a few people, we swam in the almost sunset, the sea was so amazing. Oh, I want to go back there!!!!

So just see the pics. Just see the pics.

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