We travel: Summer vacation, 2015 – Portovenere

It happened I think on Tuesday but maybe on Monday, that I was looking on my friend’s insta pictures and saw one about Cinque Terre. I knew, that she was there in that part of Italy before us (just a week or so), so suddenly it came to my mind to search about what is exactly Cinque Terre and where it is. Because I have seen a million times that typical picture about the colorful houses on the hill-side and also was sigh a little that wish I could see it once, SO there was the opportunity. We already had plans for Wednesday but there was a Thursday.
So we went. And now I have a big suggestion for you: never ever believe 100% what the GPS says! Because ok, Cinque Terre means 5 towns, which means that 5 towns are sidebyside so maybe you know that you are already in the other town that the sign shows (well, thats really true), because they look exactly the same. But GPS thought that we want to go that Cinque Terre, which is a little little something of about 10 houses, a beach and thats all. The worst and the best on the same time, that we had to go there through an extra ( I mean, extra!!!) tortuous, sinuous road, up on the hill and down from the hill and I was su-per-sick. But it was ahmmazing (yeah I like to write that word this way :D ) because we saw million olive trees, and it happened that a big cloud went through the hill (we were on super high), like I touched it, and did not see anything but our noses. Suddenly it disappeared and the Sun brightly shined ( suddenly it became very hot) and we could see the wonderful blue sea from above.
I took a pic of that place…


It was beautiful but definitely not that place I wanted to go. I told my husband that no matter we already drove 2 hours (sorry kids!) but want to see what we started to travel for! Thanks God, we arrived. it so worthed to continue our trip! We chose -or maybe it chose us, cause we just parked somewhere- Portovenere. It was really that beautiful view with the colorful houses as I saw in several photos. We climbed to the castle and a big surprise waited for us! Behind the houses there was a rocky place, like a rocky beach but only a very few and brave persons were bathing there. You know the water here is really strong and you have to jump from stone to stone. It was a sunset that time so just cannot describe how wonderful it felt. We have to go Malta next summer. We -have-to-go. (Cause Malta is like a stone-rockes-caves-water place) Enjoy our memories!


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