Vince turned 3

Just a minute until I am crying an ocean. Or two. Yeah, maybe crying 2 oceans will be enough to calm myself that my younger little boy is already 3.
He is so different to his brother. He is calm, he was a super baby but can cry, shout and scream like a little monster if he wants to reach something. Yeah, I am strong and start my day to thicker my nerve but you know, just when I have weaker days. I so love him, not just that he looks like me outside but he is so me inside too! So good to have a soulmate in the family :-)

He is also different from his brother that he loves everything about cars, planes but the most he loves diggers and trash cars. I know, this is a boy thing but to say again it was interesting to experience cause his brother never interested in.
So this time he asked me to make a digger themed party ( I mean ‘party’ because we celebrated just 4 ) and because of the fact he has more diggers as you can imagine this time he asked a trash car. I mean he told us on the previous days he will get a trash car :D. (Thanks God, we really bought a trash car and not anything else).

So as we have this tradition, we woke up him with balloons ( I found ones with diggers!), had a digger breakfast, got his present, and at the end of the day we had his birthday cake. Digger themed of course. And I was super lucky (and tired to figure out anything else) to find the perfect digger set for eat and drink. And yeah, the birthday boy always get a t-shirt which fits to the theme. Digger on it, of course.
Slow down little boy, slow down time please, has anybody contrived the time-stopping button yet?

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