Naturally dyed eggs

Easter is near and of course it means we will painting eggs. It is not a question that the ‘paint’ get inside the eggs too (as we have seen lot of times outside of the white part) so that eggs we will eat we paint – dye – with natural ingredients. You don’t have to go to far because probably you have everything on hand.
I won’t tell any news about the ‘how’ and about the ‘what’ I just show you this time what happened. I think between dye and dye even with the same tools it will be different because somehow every white egg behaves different and also the natural ingredients can behave differently.

So what i used: red onion, carrot, red cabbage, turmeric, curry, rasberry, red tea, beetroot, coffee.


But see one by one how i did and how i got these shades?

Very light blue – i put the raw egg into a bowl with water and red cabbage leaves and brought it to boil. As long as i was sure it is boiled enough i take it off of the water. I got very pastel blue but watching close you will see how beautifully different in one egg!

Brown – i used water and coffee. i put the raw egg into a bowl with water and coffee and brought it to boil. As long as i was sure it is boiled enough i take it off of the water. I got that beautiful brown. If i wanted to reach a more pastel brown, i think i would boil it with black tea or put less coffee into the water.


Dark pink – i used frozen rasberry, red tea and a whole beetroot with peel on it. i put the raw egg into a bowl with water and the ingredients and brought it to boil. As long as i was sure it is boiled enough i take it off of the water. When i took it off on some place it wanted to be srcahed ( i mean the pink) but after it dried i couldn’t get the color off. I love that it is look like this and it is not a whole pink egg.

Dark blue – i put the raw egg into a bowl with water and red cabbage leaves and brought it to boil. As long as i was sure it is boiled enough i just let the egg int he water for a whole night. This is my favorite! not to mention the water was beautiful dark blue too!


Dark yellow – i used turmeric and curry spices. i put the raw egg into a bowl with water and the ingredients and brought it to boil. As long as i was sure it is boiled enough i take it off of the water. I love in it too that the color is not unite but somewhere darker and so! Maybe i could reach a pastel color if i put less stuff into the water?! or boiled the egg first in a simple water and than put to the water with the veggies.


Dark orange – i used red onion peel and a whole carrot with peel on it. i put the raw egg into a bowl with water and the ingredients and brought it to boil. As long as i was sure it is boiled enough i take it off of the water. It is really that dark orange! However orange is not my favorite but i love how vivid color i could reach!


I hope you enjoyed my little post about these naturally dyed eggs, i enjoyed it to try so much!
But this year i will make alllll shades of blueeeee! I cannot wait, i cannot wait!



My friend turned 30

One of my friend turned 30 and we live far away to each other so it was not a question i want to give her something special. To tell the truth it is a little hard to give her presents because he really has everything and also i wanted to give her a special and totally personalized gift.
So postcard. Ok, but i wanted to make a very special postcard.
This time it happened that i imagined a postcard with a style what i want to use and put on that postcard and i was so lucky i found right exactly everything WHAT i wanted in the local craft shop.

What i bought:
-patterned craft paper
-3D elements for scrapbooking (these were the balloons)

and what i needed more but had on hand at home
– strong glue (UHU brand is always very good)
-gold thin paper roll, what we used at our Christmas party
-colorful craft paper for the 30 because i did not find any ready 3D number in the shop
-something fancy colorful pen to write inside
– a very little washitape

(sorry of the quality of the photos but my old photo machine doesn’t work and still don’t have a new one—-> iPhone pics…)

Originally i wanted to fold a simple colorful paper or buying a postcard base but saw that paper (it is a paper book actually, several paper with these kind of patterns) and i just thought that this is the perfect! Because of it is a 3 way-folded postcard (so quite big) and it is a big birthday milestone i thought i would make it more memorable. So inside she can write the 30 things she is thankful for in her 30 yearly life and 30 things she wants to reach or have during her next 30 years. She loved it!
And to give it a fun way as well i glued those gold paper strips one by one that as she opens it they flow out. (you know based on the postcard which is full of confetti :D  —— > at the end of the post there is a fun slow motion video ;-)

——-> click here for the Slow motion video

We love mini-travel: Strassburg

We have cities on our travel list which are marked as mini-travel. It means they are just 2-3 hours from us by car so we start early morning and come home by dinner time. Because our main goal is walking around the cities (no museums for example and we can eat somewhere in the city/town if we found any gluten free option) a long day is just enough for everything, so with our sandwiches and homemade sweets enjoy our time together. Tell the truth these cities are not too characteristics exclude the metropolis and capitals so a good 3-4-5 hours is just enough there with kids. Enjoy the view, the weather, making memories.

The first weekend of February was awesome, we had a sunny warm Saturday exactly went to see Strassburg. Enjoy!


A very snowy weekend with mountains

I need to write an introductory for these pictures but oh my…. after our summer trip i mentioned how we love the mountaines. Yes, they always were beautiful for us but being right in front of that mountains and being 3500 meters high is so much different. We totally fell in love. Both of us started to see and looking for any connection with them, like my husband who runs since then was  always watching running stories in the mountains etc etc :D.
So we love it during the summer and on one hand we wanted to know if we feel the same during winter, covered with snow, just white and very cold, cause if yes, we have to keep our dream and goals for living, having a home somewhere in the world near to the mountains. And a little forest would not be bad either :-P. On the other hand we wanted to see a lot of snow, the last 3 winters we have not seen any (or too much) cause we did not have where we lived (however we were supposed to have as we have usually a winter with snow) and Vince, who is 3 yrs old saw it only when he was a little baby but we know that is different. So it was snowing day and night here, a lot of snow came and it was a double joy to go from snow to a lot of snow.

Anyway. We fell in love again. We love the mountains anyhow. We keep our dream and want to reach it. See the photos, i tried to shoot the feelings and the mood.
And the adventure did not finish on Saturday cause next day we decided to see our forest next to our house how it looks being white?! It was snowing like crazy and then suddenly sun was shining and suddenly both… so we had a good 20 minutes out there because in like 2 minutes a huge snow storm came and we hardly could go home (walking, of course) but it was so fun! We were totally white :D As we arrived home and took of our winter cloth the sun started to shine again. Silly weather… but we loved it!
So Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Eibsee and the forest near to us.




Nimrod turned 7, and asked for a Lego Mixels Party

Yeah, i start every post about my boys’ birthday (party) that i am crying a river and ask why the time has to be soooooo fast? But all the moms say it, am i right? I am so glad, they have new birthdays each year because it means we have them. But i am that kind of mommy who would go back to the time when they were babies no matter how hard (actually the only hard part is the little sleep time :-P ). Believe me, i know mommies who told me they are so happy with the fact their kids are bigger and it is easier. However they love their children. We are different. I bet it is easier for them, receive the time goes fast facts.

But back to the party, I do not know if you know the Lego Mixels series, my boys LOVE them. In each series there are 3 type of little….how to call, cause they are not monsters, they are just legos :D so 3 little something, what you can built to make a big one and when they build themselves say: MIX!
I have hosted a lot of parties before and what i really learnt is that for kids it is unnecessary to make lots of food because they eat so little. They play a lot. So we just made a fancy decoration base, and of course i made a birthday cake and there were mixels plates and paper straws, paper cups with the number on it (have to tell, Nimród helped me to paint the numbers and put the washitape!!) etcetc but really just few what ‘hit’. Beside the cake we prepared sandwiches that everyone could choose the topper as long the kids were from 5 different nations (and cultures) and there were fruits with almond and they could put some chocolate sauce on it. I put the sign ‘Mix’ as they could mix as they wanted :-)

But about the real day of the birthday and our traditions: this year the real birthday and the party were not on the same day. What we usually do then? Firstly wake up the birthday person with balloons. They so love it, just look at his face! We use these balloons always at the party and the last until they have air in them :-P. I always make a number garland of colorful papers above our dining table. Usually we have it for a month after the birthday. And of course gift time is right after waking up and I make a birthday cake for us, as a family of four to have it after dinner. And my favorite is, that the birthday person gives flower(s) to his/her mother  ’cause without mom there is no birthday ;-).

So here the party through the photos.

Happy Birthday my sweet Boy!


P1090333_blog IMG_3302_bog




We travel: Baden-Baden

Happy New Year Everyone!

I start to writing the posts again, i have a lot in my pocket. I have a few from the past, what i really want to show but could not show earlier.
We went to see Baden-Baden during the wonderful fall season. This city is just amazing. It is really close to the french board, as much that you can feel a little french sense here…it is not too big but is not boring a bit! The ‘method’ is the same is Stuttgart, the center is in the valley and the city climbs up on the hill. And maybe you know but it is one of the famous bathing cities in Germany :-)

So just lets the photos…

Gold-White Christmas party and Third Advent Cake

Last weekend we hosted a party for my husband’s colleagues in our home. However I was super excited and had lots of plan wanted to make it simple and as unpriced as it could be.
You know lots of parties are behind me and what I have learned that beside the cake (because cake is a must have in a party for me as long as paper strawes :-P ) only 2 or 3 meal is needed, no more and not much! It would be just lots of work preparing and lots of money of course and than a lots of food stay on the table.
So I chose for theme the color gold white, we made a simple decoration, which was not a big work, most of the ‘ingrediets’ were by hand. We had a super vanilla cake (gluten and dairy free) some cake pop (gf and df as well), little meatballs, a super delicious rich potato salad, star shaped salty crackers, sausage-bacon bites and some vanilla pudding. Oh and a big amount of lemonade in what I put real ginger, apple slices and lime slices. It was so good!

Oh and of course the party cake was our 3rd advent cake at the same time cause next day we had leftover of it and of course I did not have a tiny energy to bake another cake :-P

So here are the photos…


Second Advent Cake and our tree dressed up

…and also Dec the 6th is the day in several countries – so here as well- when at the morning of 6th of December kids find little treasures in their boots. Saint Nikolaus brings them, the good kids get chocolate and nuts the bad kids potatoes or onions or coal. Of course it is totally depends on the tradition of the families, someone buy big gifts for this day…
But it was Second Advent too,  so I made another festive cake and the same time on this day we went to a family for some gathering time so I made double :-) It is a wonderful cranberry-orange roll and have to tell you, everybody loved it!
I do not type the recipe here just click and for your gluten free version I recommend that just make your usual gluten free rolls and add the cranberry-orange sauce you can read in the article.

And what the success of this cake? The ‘meeting’ of the saure cheese cream and the sweet cranberry-orange sauce. Everybody highlighted that tasting after eating the cake that it is sooooo good. So I encourage you not to change it into mascarpone or cream, or if you have milk allergy too and for example use coconut cream, put some lemon jouice into that.
The other success of this recipe what I realized only after reading and starting to make it, that you put the rolls next to each other to make a wreath form after bake it :D. Well yeah…


But also it was the day when we dressed up our tree. We usually set it up around Dec the 1st and leave it naked with the fairy lights. I LOVE it. I would not put ornaments this time ’cause it was our first tall and thick tree it is so beautiful with its own beauty, but the kids wanted ornaments. However we don’t have too much ornaments and it is a big tree so it is beautifully simple. Each of our ornaments has a story, we bought somewhere or got it from somebody we really love and everywhere we travel try to find a new piece so we collect them this way. Oh and everyone is white, grey, pearl, beige, or gold.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Second Advent!


We love the seasons: Christmas mood I.

The word Advent means waiting. It really describes the meaning of the season what we have before Christmas. Of course it is not that waiting, that we are cannot wait to get over of the whole thing, because shopping and menu planning, and oh what presents I need to buy more?!
It should not.
Thanks God I am totally over this thing already for a few years. I really can appreciate the moments we have, that I have family, a home and I can decorate my home how I want. And talking about decorating, I use less and make it simple. No harsh colors just white, beige, grey a little gold, green and maybe red. Not just because the house always seemed so empty after pulling off all the decor when I put a ton of colorful decorations, but Christmas will be Christmas also if we have just one tiny tree branch in a vase instead of a huge Christmas tree.
Of course the kids will get presents (but really only 2-3 thing each one, because they have little presents in their calendar too), and we always give something for the adults (we agreed 4 years ago that adults do not buy presents to each other, only give homemade something), but the extra sales does not touch our heart too much…
And another important thing… I love to make lists it helps me being less stressful because I do not have to keep in my mind  so much things. I make lists for the Advent seasons too, what I would love to make and so. But nothing happens if I cannot tick everything from my list. I’d rather watch a movie with my kids ;-).

Have a blessed Advent season!


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