We travel: Summer vacation – 2015, Sanremo

Lets see a few pics about the town, where our accommodation was in. I write a single post about hills, about the way we came here, just click. May you have the question, why we chose Sanremo, in Italy? Well, if you have little boys around you the past 5-2 years, you know what I am talking about if I say Cars 1-2 movie. In the 2nd part the italian race was at a beautiful place like rocks, town on the hill until the sea, hill and sea, may I have to say more ? :D My husband said it is around the Sanremo area so we looked for a good priced accommodation and planned the program for the other days. I have to mention, that there is difference Sanremo and San Remo. The last one is just at the opposite side of the country, just right next to Venice and so… other playa. And the other main difference is the landscape as here, in Sanremo and at that coast side it is rocky and high, and tight, and beautiful and breathtaking… of course the other coasts are beautiful, too ( I have been in Venice and Caorle and Bibione)  who what prefer most.

So Sanremo is not so big town but it is full of life, beautiful parts and yes the coast is wonderful, very very children friendly (you will understand later, when I mentioned it again when I talk about Nice). There are lots of hotels you can choose from, both facing to the sea and in the middle of the town. The houses are climbing up on the hills, the more you climb up the more separated houses you find. You can choose of several ‘playas’, the coast is operated by difference facilities, the main difference is only the price and number of the sunbed. (of course we had a favorite) – you cannot lay on the sand with saying that then you enter free.
And it is a big good news that in the whole Italy you can find a lots restaurants, hotels, shops eating gluten free because in Italy there are lots   of people with that problem. Ha. The humor of the life. In the land of pizza and pasta. But just look at our face one of the pictures, how happy we were to have a real good dinner in a RESTAURANT. Gluten free, very kind restaurant (the design was so good). And the leftover was so good next day for breakfast ;-)





We travel: Summer vacation, 2015 – The Alps

We had a regally good summer vacation from the very first day of August. Officially we went to Sanremo, Italy, but because we traveled by car, had knew before the vacation, that we would go to see other cities nearby – for example the Riviera! Also we planned our trip that on the way to there and back we would go through cities that were worth to see.

We have already knew that somehow we really love the mountains. Especially the mountain+lake combo… the Alps amazed us, I almost cried (haha, really…) the lakes were emerald green not just green or blue. Oh my, how could be a lake be emerald green?! The clouds…. we live on a hill too, and the clouds usually are beautiful, but there… so I decided I make a single post just about the Alps. We traveled through the Alps from Switzerland to Italy, and our fortune was that the huuuuuuuge tunnel between Switzerland and Italy was closed by some reason, so we had to go up, and then go down, and we were driving through clouds, and it was amazing. Ok, ok, I stop now to say how amazed I was (and am) just see the pictures. :-)














Summer days are….

….. definitely the most busy days comparing to the other days of the year…. ToDos, festivals, holidays, inside, outside, memories, fragrances, tastes, seeing, feeling, freedom (like must have not to wear a tons of clothes), emotions…. perfect. Like today, when the temperature just the right. I was laying on our couch outside, my little boy was playing cars on the coffeetable. I was not suffering of hot, I felt satisfied with the view of the garden, what we could reach since we live here (still lot of work though, but I love the way to arrive to the perfect garden). No paing today, we just had finished our popsicles, belly was full until lunch. I felt soooo perfect. I love these days… a little bit I felt already, the fall is coming, and then I always get excited :-)









We travel: Stuttgart part I.

Actually it is our hometown now, but I thought it would be a very first post from our travel series.
So, Stuttgart, where we live now. The downtown of the city is ‘sitting’ in the valley and then continues upper and upper on the hill. Usually the streets are tight and however I have never been (already!) in San Francisco, but as I have seen in the movies and as we were going after the tram up and down, it remands me if we were there. You realize, how high you can go, or how high the houses are when you look back and down to the valley, to the other houses. For example we live almost on the top, after our backyard there is only one street left, and then finished.


The old and modern houses are mixed incredibly good. You cannot realize that you can see two different type of houses near to each other only if you watch every single house or build alone. In front of the Neuer Schloss (it is a Castle) there is a big park and then there is a very old looking building, but inside there is a hypermodern supermarket (I mean, lots of shops of several brands, restaurants etc). 


The other thing I realized after being here for two days, that you can see roses everywhere. I mean every corner! I have not looked after if there is any story behind that, but it is really good for your eyes when you travel or walk around the typical urbanish milieu and you see these pop of colors. Every colors of roses can be. 


 Above the roses there is more ‘green’ as many in a downtown could be (except New York though :-P ), it is really good to see, that they tried to put a tree or a little grass almost everywhere using such a creative way… 


But if would not be there any tree or rose it would be so green as well, because the city is actually in a forest. For example, to enter to our street is through a forest too. Of course, you would not imagine it as is in the horror movies, the nature and infrastructure run into one another. On the hill-side you find lots of Vineyard. Lots of Vineyard. 


But back to the downtown part, I mentioned the park in front of the Neuer Schloss. It is so green, the grass is so deep green that at first sight you would think it is not real. Of flowers are around, you can sit/laydown/run in the grass. There is a looooong pedestrian precinct there too, with lots of people, especially on Saturdays evening. (On Sundays is almost totally empty, because every shop and almost every restaurants are closed on Sundays) It is very colorful, because of the people, because there is always something, several good street musicians, we have seen cute sisters fluting for pocket money, HipHop dancers, clowns, live statue man, ‘drawing” man, etcetc. If there is any festival or party, they put on the stages there between the park and the showed supermarket building.



There is a little lake in the city, called Feuersee as Firelake, supposed to be for the firefighters in case of fire. So, the lake and the neighborhood of the lake was not so impressive, except maybe that little church on the middle and that we saw ducks and turtles in the water. But I think that at fall and winter time it will be much more beautiful with the colored trees in the soft sunshine or covered with white after snowing or just frozing. 


 Last but not least, the here is another interesting sign of the city: this city has a lots of fountains. Sometimes they put one a very creative way, because there was not too much place for it: the water falls vertically! 



I will continue the second part with other fountains and mini waterfalls and other really fun stuff about and from this city :-) I promise not to show you more roses :D:D:D

Easter, 2015

It seems, that however the spring starts with warm days our Easter is always cold. Yes, almost winterish cold. But we got ready, painted eggs and had a wonderful Easter meal and at the end hunted eggs in our backyard (and then went back to the house quickly :-P ). When I write these words it is almost summer-ish, and we are really grateful. I think soon we should make our swimming suit ready :-D.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter too, and now you have a wonderful spring time, as we have.



Winter moments

It is officially winter yet, but oh my we have so many signs around us that the spring is around the corner. Thanks God, I can find the beauty in the winter season as well (so I am not suffering of it ;-) ) but I am so ready for spring. Two more weeks and with snow or not, we will have it :-)

So here is a little collection of us how we have enjoyed the last 3 month, beside Christmas :-)

IMG_0019_2 _blog


Nimród turned 6 and asked for a Skylanders party

My first baby boy is 6 already. Really do not want to think about, that how fast the time flies!!
He asked a Skylandert themed party, as actual favorite, although we did not have party with or for other kids, just the bigger family, because my kids were sick cca. during a month, and I really did not want to get something again from the kiddos…

We have some traditions for the birthday persons in our family. Firs is, that we wake up her/him with balloons, and those balloons we use after for the birthday party as a decoration. The other is of course the birthday breakfast and we have a cake after dinner too, if the party is not on the same day.
The birthday boy/girl gives a bunch of flowers to his/her mama, because without a mama, no birthday can exists :-)

You wouldn’t guess, what he got as a present. Yes! A Skylanders roller for bigger size :-D
Also this was my very first gluten free and eggfree chocolate cake, which turned out r-e-a-l-l-y good. ;-)




We made gifts for Christmas

Since my older boy was 2 years old, we started a tradition, that he made an ornament with at the ability on his age and gives it to the grandparents. This time the little brother joined him and they did it together :-).

Also, as the children get presents for Christmas (what we and other ones buy them), the adults get something homemade presents from us. Usually it is something gesture- present because we can do it together from the youngest to the oldest.
My husband and me make something homemade as well for the kids. They are something what they really want thanks to the adverts in the tv and or it costs too much we would spend (but we can do) or something we can’t buy in our country.

And what were these presents?
The kids painted on wood slices for the ornaments, I painted to cushion cover for my husband’s brother (he move to his new and first flat), we made orange tea bags (we bought oranges from Sicily through a local store, which were untreated), and we made bonbons.
Our  older son likes Skylanders and everything which connects to it but it is unknow here yet. He knows it from the youtube channels of course :P. So I found a Skylander t-shirt in a second hand shop which has short sleeves and would be small when the weather will be ready for short sleeves and also he had a red pullover with no graphic, so I spent long minutes (app. 2 hours) to cut the Skylanders out and sew it to the pullover.
Our younger son likes houses so much. I have some candle ‘holder’ houses he used to play with, so my husband built 2 houses from wood and I painted them. One has a door as well ;-).



Do you make something home made for Christmas? Or for any occasion?

Our Christmas, 2014

The 24th of December is the day when our family gathers together and have a Christmas dinner. Every year I made a simple table decor, which this time based on rosemary from our garden. I love it so much so decided that it will a tradition from now: using rosemary at least for the napkins as napkins ring.
The next day is always a family day in pajamas when we have our special pancake breakfast (now it was snowman) and that morning arrives the presents for us. We all have red socks always which is fun to see together and also looking back whew the kids feet have been grown so much as the time goes by… (also sad for a mom :-( :-P ).

But it went by so fast…










How was your Christmas?

How we decorated for the Holidays

For a couple of years I’d better decorate our house for Christmas with less decoration but that less decoration may reach that ‘wow’ level for us. Also I have noticed on myself that if I don’t put took many decoration on, after take them off the house wouldn’t has seen kind of empty immediately.
It is interesting but for winter it’s good to use white, grey and light blue mostly. They are so festive and christmassy with the candles and lights. We have decorations what we use again and again because they have a story. Like our ornaments. We put the same collection on every year and each one of them has a meaning for us. I let the kids help me to paint some items as well (like the wood stars in the window) and I really don’t mind that the painting didn’t turn out perfect. They enjoyed to help me, I enjoyed to be with them :-)