We travel, Summer vacation, 2015 – Chamonix

– Where do you want go home?
-I have no clue honey. Maybe now lets go through France and Switzerland, not Italy.
-What about Chamonix? It is a very cute little town. We could see the Montblanc and go through the tunnel we could not when we came here.
-Oh, Montblanc, sounds great

And then I thought that we will DRIVE through a beautiful little town, just you know, see anything else too, not just the beautiful Alps. Then after getting through the oh-so-famous tunnel between Italy and France we arrived and suddenly my husband drove into a parking area.
-What? We stop? I thought we just go through somewhere.
And after got out from the car and like leaving our minds finding a shadow, I was amazed. Firstly that how can be that hot, at the feet of the Montblanc, when I see a lot of snow?! Well we figured out that is not the normal weather as we saw lamb fluffy something and fleece blankets were on every chair in every restaurant…
And secondly, that view! Those houses! So many people and calming at the same time! I want that view every morning, too! I do not want to say anything else, just that look the pictures, and you will know, what I am talking about :-)
We will go back. Defenitelly we will go back <3.


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